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Second year Digital Media student heads to Summer School in Colombia

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I am a second year Digital Media student studying Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. This year I had this great opportunity to travel to Bogota, Colombia for a 2 week cultural immersion Summer School programme organised by Universidad del Rosario and Brunel!

Brunel Summer Internship Scheme, formerly the Widening Participation Summer Internship Scheme had an opportunity to take part in a summer school programme in one of three countries - and it was open to all students. The options were China, Colombia or India! My original choice was China but as a back-up plan I also applied for Colombia. Seems like that was a great thing to do – as the school in China was already full, but there were spaces for the programme in Colombia.

I was very lucky to be given the great opportunity to travel to Bogota, Colombia for a two week Cultural Immersion Summer School programme organised by host Universidad del Rosario and Brunel. Together with six other students and our mentor Dr. Mary Richards - Programme Director BASc Global Challenges, we spent 2 unforgettable weeks in Colombia - learned more about Latin American history, politics, art, and visited many beautiful places and interesting local attractions. We made some lasting connections and friends not to mention the brilliant memories we brought back!

We had lectures each morning from 8am to noon and learned more about Latin American history, politics and art. After a filling lunch in traditional restaurants and the student canteen, we spent our aftenoons visiting museums, attending entrepreneur talks, visiting industry/businesses and networking. Our accommodation was in the host university's Halls of Residence which felt like a five star hotel. The view from my 18th floor room was captivating to say the least.  

Read my full Columbia experience on my blog and next summer, why not consider taking on this great opportunity and travel to Colombia, China or India too via CBASS Summer school programme at Brunel yourself!