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10 quick tips for moving In

Posted: September 23 2019

Jocelyn, Physiotherapy
Jocelyn, Physiotherapy

Hurray! You’ve made it to Brunel University London! We wish we could give you a big warm welcome hug over the screen as you are going to start the new chapter life at Brunel!

Moving away from home for the first time can be a bit stressful. But don’t worry, we have prepared you 10 tips for moving in!

Student accommodation kitchen at Brunel University London

Learning how to cook

Cooking is one of the essential skills to survive university and it definitely helps saving money when you feel you’re broke! There are lots of useful online resources providing simple and easy-to-make recipes for students so gear yourself up and ready to cook! You could check out the BBC good food for Top 10 basic student recipes and Tasty for more recipes.

What to bring?

Making your own list will help you to pack wisely. Some important items you should bring to Brunel will be your laptop, bed linen, towels, documents for registration and license agreement for accommodation. You should always revise your to-bring list when you pack so that you won’t leave anything from the list home.

Uxbridge underground station

Arrange transport

As there will be lots of freshers and returners moving in on the day, it will help to calm your nerves if you arrange your transport and know the way to Brunel before the day. Try to arrive a bit earlier so you could save some time to get anything you miss. 

Collect your room keys

Which hall are you living? There are two Residences Office at Brunel. If you are living in Chepstow Halls, Bishop or Lancaster Complex, you will need to collect your room keys from Bishop Hall Reception, whereas Concourse Hall Reception is for Mill Hall and Isambard Complex. Make sure you know the opening times and the location of your residence office for the key collection to save time (and energy!). If you are an international student and you will arrive campus out of office hour, you can still collect your keys from the University's Security Office which is open 24/7(yeah!!!). Noted that you would need to arrange your collection time through Accommodation Centre earlier before you arrive.

Student accommodation at Brunel University London


Soon you arrive your room with your bags and boxes, do the unpacking so you could still have the chance to get things from shops or home (or maybe you would like to show your room to new friends on the moving-in night!).

Grocery store at Brunel University London

Get to know your surroundings

Where are the laundry room and post room? Where can I get food on campus? What’s the route to the lectures? You could start to get familiarise the campus on that day so you know where to get your things done.

Student accommodation at Brunel University London

Leave your door open

The moving-in day is the best time getting to know your new flatmates who would be sharing lots of memories in your first year of uni (who knows if they would become your lifelong friends?). If you feel awkward to just stop by and introduce self to strangers, simply to leave your door open on the day and just let things flow naturally.


After settling all your stuff in your new room, you may start thinking to spend some time with your new friends at night. It’s time to enjoy the social life at Brunel! 

Important contacts

It is quite important to know who you should contact when there is a problem in your room. If there are any maintenance issues, you should request online via Accommodation Hub; any issues about noises or lockouts, you would need to contact our 24/7 Security Office. Our residence team and residence ambassadors are always here to help and listen so do not hesitate to reach them if you need someone to talk to.

Mobile connection

Connect to Brunel

Remember to confirm your moving time and complete the induction via Accommodation Hub to prepare for the day. Lastly, follow our Instagram (@brunelstudents @brunelcampuslife  @bruneluni) and Twitter (@BrunelCampus) for all the latest updates!


Feeling ready to move in now? Remember to enjoy your life at Brunel and make it a special one! We will see you all at Brunel :)