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The Brunel Buddies scheme aims to support new students through their first weeks at Brunel.

Buddies are trained Brunel students who use their own personal experience of being a new student to answer any questions you may have, as well as sign posting you to support services at Brunel.

Transition into University life definitely has its challenges! That’s why the Brunel Buddy Scheme was established, encouraging current students to utilise their experience to support new students during the first few weeks at Brunel.

We are searching for students to make a difference by becoming a Brunel Buddy, by being a friendly contact before they arrive, helping new students settle in and signposting them to all the support services at Brunel. You will be trained and equipped with the right knowledge to support your student.

Register to be a Brunel Buddy now!

You can register to be a Brunel Buddy here

The below timeline is based on September starters and the timescale will differ for those starting in January.


March- September

  • Training takes place. You need to attend one Introduction to Being a Brunel Buddy training session. 


Session 1: Coaching and Role Play

You only need to attend one of these sessions. Click on a date to register  

  • Monday 22 August, 2-4pm
  • Wednesday 24 August, 2-4pm                                                                                                                                                                     

Session 2: Wellbeing and Information Services

You only need to attend one of these sessions. Click on a date to register  


  • You are matched with a new student(s) once you have completed your training

Fresher’s Week

  • You are encouraged to attend the Buddies Social (Wednesday 14 September) to meet your new student(s) and for them to meet other students at Brunel. 

September - November

  • Meet with your new student(s) once a week depending on their needs.

Recording your volunteering hours

  • Buddies should provide the Brunel Volunteers team with updates on the support they have provided to their new student(s) by sumbitting a Weekly Contact Form


  • Full guidance and support throughout the program
  • Free Brunel Buddies hoodie
  • Your volunteering will be recognised through the Brunel Volunteers Award and on your HEAR.
  • Brunel+ Points