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Dr Ali Fayyaz Awan
The pinnacle of my career journey was being Called to the Bar by the esteemed Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, London.
Dr Ali Fayyaz Awan, Postgraduate, Undergraduate, Alumni
Law PhD
From Pakistan more...
Brunel definitely prepared me and showed me what it was like being in a diverse and highly-creative environment. Meeting and working with students from different parts of the world during the program showed me the value of diversity and what it is like to bring one's unique perspective.
Brunel gave me the opportunity to develop my soft skills and to meet as many international students as I can to gain new perspectives and develop an intercultural mindset.
Dilan, Postgraduate, Alumni
From Turkey more...
Although it's diverse, Brunel promotes equality among all students from all different backgrounds and countries.
Malik , Undergraduate
From Pakistan more...
One of the best memories I have is when I was invited by the Law School to be on a panel alongside Lady Justice Arden DBE, Justice of the Supreme Court. It was an honour to be a part of the panel and to be asked to share about my experience at Brunel.
Studying at Brunel University has offered me a place where I could develop my skills and improve my ability to go beyond what is expected. Living in a multinational environment has definitely prepared my way towards being part of a world that is challenging and has, also, many wonderful things to offer
Antonia , Postgraduate, Alumni
European & International Commercial Law
From Greece more...
Brunel’s well-designed complex which has all the facilities in one location is the main attraction for me, especially for a student in a wheelchair whose principal priority is accessibility. I would recommend Brunel to others because they are invested in making students fit for professional life by providing opportunities to augment their professional development arranging regular job updates from professional development centre.
Ashwathi , Alumni, Postgraduate
From UK more...
A year in industry was something I considered invaluable in the competitive field that is law, as anything that could demonstrate my commitment to the profession before even graduating could only be an advantage for me.
Christiane, Undergraduate, Alumni
From Democratic Republic of Congo more...
My time at Brunel University London has truly ingrained in me a deep appreciation for the intricate complexities of the legal system.
The opportunities at Brunel are endless with free modern language classes, societies and clubs, volunteering, internship opportunities and more.
Brunel equipped me with the skills to succeed in the highly competitive legal sector as well as teaching me the values of equality and fairness that I have carried with me, within and beyond my legal career.
Tony, Undergraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
As an academic I know some of the staff at Brunel and of their commitment to enhancing the Law School
Geraint, Undergraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
At Brunel, I took the opportunity to learn and succeed
Eniola, Undergraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
My placement year was invaluable and gave me the opportunity to seriously consider how I wanted to progress my career after my degree
Kalbir, Undergraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
Whatever your aims and goals are, be persistent and look out for opportunities
Shailesh, Undergraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
The teaching at Brunel was exceptional! I was truly intrigued and engaged in my final year given the personal choice of subjects I studied.
Khalia, Undergraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
The students helped with the everyday running of the centre, including meal distribution, entertaining the children and clothing distribution.
Jemma, Undergraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
Dev Aditya
I would recommend Brunel for the wide array of support it provides to its students and the vast amount of opportunities you get while studying here.
Dev Aditya, Undergraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
All the motivation and support from my lecturers got me through my undergraduate degree
Katie, Undergraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
Brunel gave me the confidence to engage with senior leaders and the ability to research and distil complex issues at pace
Martin, Undergraduate, Alumni
From Zimbabwe more...
The learning environment at Brunel gave me the opportunity to consider how I wanted to shape my career and contributed to my breadth of knowledge, interpersonal skills, values, critical thinking and practical competence.
Sewar, Postgraduate, Alumni
From Jordan more...
The sandwich course appealed to me. When you have a year of industry experience when applying for jobs, you are already set apart.
Zahra, Undergraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
The placement year I spent at Shoosmiths equipped me with relevant skills that made the transition from university to professional working life really smooth. And because I had the opportunity to work at Brunel whilst studying, I developed many soft transferable skills too.
Wojciech, Undergraduate, Alumni
From Poland more...
The good broad degree and sandwich [placement] experience was very valuable in giving me contacts and deciding on a career in law.
Nicholas, Undergraduate, Alumni
Law & Government BSc
From UK more...
I am honoured to be a part of Middle Temple and to be one of their top scholars. Achieving this scholarship demonstrates that even people who come from deprived and disadvantaged backgrounds can succeed at the Bar.
Catharine, Undergraduate, Alumni
From UK more...

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