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Where to find friends as a first-year student?

Posted: September 05 2019

Veronica, Biomedical Sciences
Veronica, Biomedical Sciences

The first year of the university could be disorientating, especially if you are new in England or if it is your first time living away from your “home sweet home”.

This is why making new friends and embracing the university life are important steps to get the best from your experience at Brunel. So, what are the best places to meet people? How to socialise in university life?

Go to Welcome Week

Brunel will host the littest week of the year entirely dedicated to freshers and to all the students that want to have fun. Welcome Week consists of a range of activities, from silent disco to board games, that will allow you to meet a lot of people and that will get you started on your journey at Brunel.

Loco's student bar at Brunel University London.

Go to Loco’s

Loco’s is the pub of Brunel. Here you can chill, drink, eat and sing “Take Me Home, Country Road” all night long. In fact, every Tuesday is Karaoke Night! Don't forget to push your shyest fried to sing in front of a huge crowd of people.

The Venue logo

Go to The Venue

On Friday night go to The Venue for a little dance! The Venue is the nightclub of Brunel, located just in front of Loco’s. This club hosts the biggest party in Brunel, the Mega Global, with three rooms of music, stilt walkers and more! Stay updated visiting Brunel Student Nightlife on Facebook or following @ubsnightlife on Instagram.

Go to ATIK

If Tuesday at Karaoke and Friday at the Venue aren't enough for you, try the club ATIK in Uxbridge - only a few minutes walk from Brunel. On Wednesday night, all Brunel students get dressed up and move to ATIK to have a night out altogether. Find out more @atikuxbridge on Instagram.

Brunel Lacrosse team

Join a Brunel team and get your privileges

Either If you like sports or just being in good company join Team Brunel. Every Wednesday, Brunel teams organise the so-called “socials”. Socials are meetings, which usually occurs in someone’s kitchen on campus, where you get dressed up and party with your teammates. Furthermore, if you are part of a team you get the silver card, which allows you to enter ATIK for free. Being part of a team also means that you can attend the Brunel Team Ball and live an exciting night out.

Freshers Fair at Brunel University London

Visit the Fresher Fair and join a society

If you're not interested in clubbing or spending your time at a bar, find out what societies and many other activities Brunel has to offer.

Professional Development Centre at Brunel University London

Get a part-time job or volunteer

Is there a better way to make new friends while being paid or while doing something as rewarding as volunteering? Go to Brunel Job Shop to find the job that's right for you and to gain remarkable volunteering experiences.

Student accommodation kitchen at Brunel University London

Get to know your flatmates

If you live on campus get to know your friends next door, they will be your fellow adventurers, especially in the first week of university. Here some tips:

  • help your flatmates to move in
  • if they have already done it, don’t be shy, knock on their door and present yourself
  • when you are bored, leave the door of your room open and let your room become the favourite meeting place for all the crew (even better if you have a TV)
  • if you can cook, make dinner for the laziest of your flatmates and he/she will be grateful for life
  • be friendly
  • be clean
  • be patient
  • be patient
  • be patient

To sum up, if you're looking for new friends, you'll definitely find many at Brunel. If you let yourself be carried by the energy of this uni, you'll never feel lonely!