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Global Crisis and Global Legal Orders

Dr Patrizia Hobbs, Senior Lecturer in Public International Law

Dr Patricia Hobbs, Senior Lecturer in Public International Law, presented her paper at a recent conference Global Crisis and Global Legal Orders: “What should we now discuss for the Future of Global Legal Ordering?”

In the paper titled ‘Reconceptualising the Principle of Equality in the International Legal Order’, Dr Hobbs sought to challenge the traditional principle of state sovereignty in international law by exploring a better balance between the Global North and South legal orders through the lenses of ecocentrism.

The conference was held in a hybrid format and jointly organized by the Institute of Comparative Law at Waseda University, and the Japan International Dispute Resolution Center’s Study Group on ‘Global Constitutionalism’ at Waseda University.

The conference brought together international academics to discuss a range of diverse issues in relation to global legal ordering, from the Ukrainian war to the post-colonialist state, human rights, climate change, global governance, TWAIL, and more.