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Kimposium! The sequel

14 - 16 September 2021 - completely online

In 2015 we held Kimposium! to great success.  Now, as Keeping Up with the Kardashians draws to a close after twenty seasons, we revisit and renew our feminist thinking about these globally famous women.  Renowned and reviled, loved and hated, the Kardashians are quintessential icons of early 21st century celebrity cultures.  But this family represents and embodies so much more.  Indeed, studying the Kardashians and their products leads to consideration of some of the most pressing social and cultural issues of our time.

Dr Meredith Jones, from Brunel University London, says:

“Love them or hate them, the Kardashians are arguably the USA’s new ‘royal’ family, their every move scrutinised. But unlike the British Royals these people invite the public in to observe their everyday lives. In the course of doing this they have redefined reality television and had profound social impacts: Notably, Kim is at the forefront of an international change to what an ‘ideal’ woman’s body is, and Caitlyn has brought trans into the mainstream like nobody before her.”

Submit your proposals

Please submit your proposals of less than 300 words by 26 July 2021. Email your proposals to kimposium@brunel.ac.uk

We invite works from any discipline that address, but not limited to:

Wide variety of formats is encouraged, including but not limited to: 

Advocacy, prison reform
Aesthetic labour, glamour labour
Beauty, cosmetic surgery, makeup, contouring
Birth, surrogacy, egg freezing
Blackfishing, cultural appropriation
Celebrity and trans
Digital modes of being
Digital modes of being
Fashion and costume
Gender, matriarchy, momagers
Ideal body types, shapewear, revenge bodies
Influencers, digital entrepreneurs
Kardashian histories including the murder of Nicole Brown & trial of OJ Simpson
Kardashians as role models

Mother-daughter relationships
New forms of consumerism and capitalism
Performances of contemporary femininity
Race and mixed-race families
Reality television
Represented space: Los Angeles
Architecture, interior design
Sex tapes
Single motherhood
Social media and selfies
The American Dream
Vocal fry
Wealth and aspiration
Whiteness, white privilege
Women and business

  • Artist responses
  • Performances, live or recorded
  • Five-minute ‘pop up’ papers
  • Pre-recorded audiovisual presentation
  • Group presentations 
  • Standard 20-minute papers
  • Interviews   
  • Video essays


Kimposium 2015 Archive

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Kimposium 2015 Playlist