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Brunel Global Ethnic Majorities Action Group (Brunel GEMAG)

Launched in 2024, this pioneering initiative at Brunel University London aims to amplify the voices and address the unique challenges of individuals from global ethnic majority backgrounds in West London and beyond. Our mission is to foster an inclusive and collaborative environment where members of various communities can directly engage with and influence the direction of research at Brunel University.

Brunel GEMAG is dedicated to developing research that is not only informed by the communities it aims to serve but is also led by them. We believe in the power of partnership and collaboration, inviting members to initiate projects, contribute to community-led research, and participate in pilot studies, focus groups, co-creation of health programs, and other research activities. By doing so, we ensure that the research conducted is reflective of the diverse needs and perspectives of global ethnic majorities.

Our group acts as a vital link between Brunel researchers and global ethnic communities, facilitating a space where innovative ideas can flourish, and research strategies can be developed with community insight at their core. It is through this collaboration that we aim to challenge existing narratives and create research outcomes that have real-world impact.

If you identify with a global ethnic majority and are based in London, we warmly invite you to join our action group. Your involvement will not only contribute to meaningful research but also provide you with an opportunity to make a significant difference in your community and beyond. For those interested in joining the group or learning more about how you can contribute, further details can be found on our website.

For Brunel-based researchers seeking to work with our group, we encourage you to reach out. Together, we can create a research agenda that truly represents and benefits our diverse communities.

Join us in making a difference. Be part of a movement that champions the voices of global ethnic majorities and contributes to the development of inclusive, community-led research at Brunel University London.

For further information, email

To join Brunel GEMAG, please complete the online form.