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Division of Social Work celebrates Graduation 2017

Social_Work_Graduation 2017

The Division of Social Work were proud to celebrate the 2017 Brunel University London graduation ceremony at 11am on Thursday 13 July. The weather was fantastic, the atmosphere electric and there were happy faces from staff, students, friends and families as all joined together to celebrate the amazing achievements of the students who were graduating.

The ceremony took place in our Indoor Athletics Centre on campus that was immaculately presented for the occasion. BA Programme Lead Dr Alison Cocks read the names of the social work graduates, who were called on stage to receive their award and congratulations from the Chancellor, Sir Richard Sykes and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Julia Buckingham. Dr Cocks described the experience ‘It was very emotional when calling the individual names, to see the accomplishments of each student recognised by the University, students who had worked so hard and come so far’. Social work academic staff members Dr Mike Thomas, Dr Holly Nelson-Becker, Dr Yohai Hakak, Adrienne Finch and Joe Hanley also joined in the academic procession. 

The crowd then moved to the Mary Seacole building for a social, where friends, family, students and staff shared a drink and snacks, and continued the celebrations. During this social, the Social Work academic prizes were officially presented. Tania Scott-Coward was presented with the Mary Seacole and CWSC Prize for Social Care, which she won jointly with Susan Fallon, while Bushra Ayaz was presented with the Cathy Aymer Social Work Award. Although these students received specific prizes for their hard work and achievements, the accomplishments of all students who received their qualification were celebrated throughout the day, and the Division of Social Work are proud to have been able to validate the hard work that students put in over the past few years.

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