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Ways to make uni life easier

Posted: February 13 2023

Hima, MSc Physician Associate
Hima, MSc Physician Associate

University life can be difficult at times, however following these simple steps can make life at university easier.

1.    Plan ahead: 

It is really important as students that we plan ahead to ensure that we accomplish tasks that need to be completed in a specific time period. Effective time management during university life should be a key skill that should be developed. Simple ways to do this are by having a timetable for yourself and prioritising tasks.  

2.    Finding the right balance:

It can be a challenge at times to find a healthy balance between study and recreational activities. However, finding a good balance between these two is very important to avoid burnout and to enjoy student life. The Student Union at Brunel offers a wide range of activities for all students including sport clubs, a variety of societies, and part-time flexible work through the Job Shop.

3.    Prioritise Mental Health:

Working in a high-stress environment can be challenging at times, however, Brunel has a variety of services with highly trained staff who can help you. You can contact the student support and welfare team located in the Howell Building (tel: +44 (0)1895 268268).

Student Centre

4.    Teamwork makes the dream work: 

Teamwork has been scientifically proven to be an effective way of increasing task productivity and utilising members with a variety of specialities and experiences. Teamwork also allows you to develop a variety of different skills such as active communication, efficient listening and speaking. This is not only useful when you are at university but also in general life. Remember… we are all in this together!

5.    Use the student library services:

The Brunel library is home to the Academic Skills Centre (ASK). Here you will find dedicated staff that are well-trained to improve your literacy and numeracy skills. They offer a variety of workshops on a one-to-one basis in a variety of subjects.


6.    Learn how to budget effectively:

Designating a weekly budget can be a useful concept for students to monitor how much they spend on a day-to-day basis and also allows you to save up for more expensive items.

7.    Note-taking in preparation for exams:

It is important that you do not get behind on notes or lectures throughout your time at university. Your ability to write succinct notes will help you in terms of revision and learning the key material. This may take a little bit of time but it will come with practice. It also has been proven that active recall can be an efficient method of learning and can improve long-term memory. This involves formulating a variety of questions about a specific topic and revisiting these same questions at a later date to test yourself. A great app for this is ‘Anki flashcards’.

I hope this helps to make your university life a little easier!!

Students in lecture