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Academic English

Brunel Language Centre provides free English Language support to all current Brunel University students who have English as a second language. Please see below for the different ways in which we can help you with your studies.

The following classes will be available in Term 2.

***IMPORTANT*** Due to unforseen circumstances the online booking was not open at 10am on Monday 14 January 2019 as advertised.  Bookings are now live and can be made by using the links in the course details below.  Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Academic Writing 

Academic Reading

Academic Grammar with Vocabulary

English for Research Writing (PhD students only)

English for Academic Presentations

Seminar Discussion Skills

Writing a Dissertation Proposal





International students who do not have English as a first language can receive help with assignments (including presentations), academic papers and job applications through One-to-One consultations. These are friendly and supportive 30-minute consultations that are held throughout the year, including the summer vacation.

Face-to-face consultations are better for learning than on-line consultations as communication is easier. But if you are not living on the Uxbridge campus and cannot attend consultations, you can book consultations that will be on Skype – remember to enter your Skype Name when making the booking. You will also need to have access to a computer, not a phone, as you will need to read Word documents during a consultation on Skype.

Consultations will be available during the following periods:


24 September to 14 December 2018

7 January to 5 April 2019

24 April to 6 September 2019



Is this a proof-reading service?

No. The purpose of the consultations is not to correct all your language errors. Instead, your consultant can help you to identify and correct those errors which cause difficulty in understanding and/ or occur frequently.

What happens in a consultation?

You and your consultant discuss a sample of your work (typically up to 1,500 words for written work or 10 minutes for presentations). Through the discussion you can be helped to:

  • develop and organise ideas
  • write more clearly and accurately
  • speak more clearly and accurately
  • improve layout and referencing
  • identify areas of difficulty with language and possible solutions

Students usually need to see a consultant two or three times for an assignment if major changes to a piece of work are needed.  So try to book your first appointment for an assignment at least two weeks before it has to be completed - we do not expect a perfect first draft.

Discussions at the early stages of writing an assignment/dissertation/thesis or preparing a presentation tend to be focused on the development and organisation of ideas and how to make it easier for a reader to follow those ideas. In later consultations, the focus usually shifts to how language errors can be reduced.

How many consultations can I have and when can I have them?

How many consultations you can book depends on levels of demand, especially during very busy periods, such as just before assignment deadlines.

You can have a MAXIMUM (depending on demand) of:

  • six hours of consultations per term
  • two consultations in a week.

How to make the most of a consultation

When you book your appointment, upload a copy of your writing and any assignment instructions. This enables the consultant to prepare for your appointment by reading through your work and identifying areas for development beforehand. Appointments should be made at least 48 hours in advance. Other ways of maximising the value of your consultation include bringing plans or outlines of what you intend to write. Instructions and feedback that have been provided by the lecturer responsible for the work being discussed are also very helpful.

Book a consultation

CLICK HERE TO BOOK A CONSULTATION (to log in, simply use your standard Brunel username and password - you do not need to add "academic/" at the beginning.)

If you have trouble booking please refer to our our step by step instructions

If you still cannot access the system please email bicbs@brunel.ac.uk.

Please note that Academic Consultations cannot be made over the phone.

Can I cancel a booking?

To cancel a consultation please use the online booking system.

Please note: If you fail to attend 3 appointments without cancelling them beforehand, you will not be able to use the service for the rest of the academic year. If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointed time then that time will still count towards your total, but it will not be counted as a strike. If you cancel more than 24 hours before then there will be no penalty. Remember If you can't attend an appointment always cancel it using the online booking system.