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Academic English

Brunel Language Centre provides free English Language support to all current Brunel University students who have English as a second language. Please see below for the different ways in which we can help you with your studies.

Academic Year 2021-2022  

Term 2 Courses start in the week beginning January 17, and online registration is now available.

In Term 2 all consultations are online (Zoom)

International students who do not have English as a first language can receive help with assignments (including presentations), academic papers and job applications through One-to-One consultations. These are friendly and supportive 30-minute consultations that are held throughout the year, including the summer vacation.

You can receive advice on:

  • language issues that cause difficulty for the reader;
  • academic style;
  • organisation;
  • using academic sources appropriately (including referencing).
  • being critical;
  • clear speech (including pronunciation).

Work should be uploaded 24 hours in advance so the consultant has enough time to prepare. For each half-hour appointment, a consultant spends up to 30 minutes on preparation. This means that typically 1000 words can be discussed in a session. If you upload a document of more than 1000 words, please state which area in particular you want advice on.

This is not a proof-reading service. We are not able to correct all your language errors, which is against University policy. 

Consultations will be available during the following periods:

  • 20 September 2021 to 17 December 2021 (Microsoft Teams)
  • 6 January to 1 April  2022
  • 25 April to 2 September 2022

You can book up to 12 hours during each time period shown above. This is subject to availability.

How to make the most of a consultation

  • Book the consultation at least 1 working day before. This is so that the consultant has time to prepare.
  •  When making your booking, upload a copy of your writing or presentation slides and any assignment instructions. 
  •  Do not wait until the day before a deadline. This is too late to make many changes, especially if there are issues with structure and content. In addition, often more than one appointment is needed for an assignment. The first might be for structure, and later ones are more for language issues.
  •  Other ways of maximising the value of your consultation include bringing plans or outlines of what you intend to write.  Feedback provided by an academic is also very useful.

Book a consultation

CLICK HERE TO BOOK A CONSULTATION (to log in, simply use your standard Brunel username and password - you do not need to add "academic/" at the beginning.)

If you cannot access the  booking system or find a time-slot that  you can attend, please complete this form.

Can I cancel a booking?

To cancel a consultation please use the online booking system.

Please note: 

If you cancel at least 24 hours before an appointment then that time will not count as part of your 12-hour allowance for the term.

If you fail to attend 3 appointments without cancelling them beforehand, you will not be able to use the service for the rest of the academic year. 



Academic English support for current students