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How to make the most out of On-Campus Open Days

Posted: July 28 2022

Sophie Walford, Occupational Therapy
Sophie Walford, Occupational Therapy

When deciding which university you want to go to, attending an on-campus open day can be really useful in helping you make your decision.

Before attending, read through what events are happening on the open-day. Many universities run subject talks, campus tours and taster sessions. Book the events which are most relevant to you – such as a subject talk for the subject you want to study. These events will help you get a better understanding of the university and what they can offer and whether it’s suitable for you. Try and plan what you’re going to do for the day, so that you can get the most out of the open day. Bring a notebook with you, so you can write down any important information on the day – such as information about your course or the campus that isn’t given in the prospectus or leaflets.

When you’re at the open day, it’s a good idea to leave the campus (if the university is campus-based) and explore the local town/area. This can be helpful in making your decision as you may be living here for the next three-four years. So, the area can play a big role. If you want to, bring family and friends. They know you best and having a second opinion can be valuable in deciding whether the university is the right fit for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! There will be lots of people around to help you and they will be happy to answer your questions. It will give you more information about the university and whether it’s the right fit for you.

Attending an open day is exciting! To get the most out of it, plan your day, book the events you want to attend and ask lots of questions!

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