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Amazon Prime shows you must watch before starting uni

Posted: August 13 2019

Amber, Journalism
Amber, Journalism

It's that time of summer where many students feel trapped in limbo as the stresses of exam results begin to peak. The constant reminder from supermarkets doesn't help as your trying to do your weekly shops that its 'back to school' time again.

You can't escape the stress of exam results, but in this time of uncertainty, distraction is crucial to staying stress-free. Therefore what better way to destress than staying into binge a couple of series of your fav show. By making yourself busy, you won't continue to stress yourself out, which is made simpler with the wealth of films and TV series available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Amazon offers students six months of free Prime membership, which is not only is useful when it comes to ordering books for your studies (we have 3 Amazon lockers on campus to pick up your orders). It gives you use of the Amazon Prime video service which has over 20,000 films and tv shows for you to watch. With the student deal of free Amazon Prime for 6 months, you would be crazy not to take advantage of Prime Video. Whether you want to re-watch your favourite film or dig your teeth into a new series amazon prime has something for your every mood.

Here are a few tv series to distract yourself from the pressures of results day.

Good Omens

Good Omens has been advertised in what seems like everywhere with it even having a snapchat filter ahead of the launch. The series is an Amazon Original meaning it is only available to be streamed on Prime. You will soon become hooked on this heart-warming tale of an unlikely friendship forming between good and evil. Based on the book Good Omens written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, the series takes it in a new direction with the addition of new characters while maintaining a very British touch. The gripping plot of the series means you can easily watch the whole series over a weekend. So it is excellent if you're looking not to leave the house for a few days.

The Act

If you are a fan of true crime documentaries and have heard of the Blanchard's, then prepare to learn more about the deadly mother and daughter dynamic. The series follows the struggles Gypsy faced within the controlling relationship she had with her mother. Which saw Dee Dee make Gypsy believe she had a terminal disease which required Dee Dee to become Gypsy's full-time career. You become easily hooked to the series, especially if you are familiar with the Blanchard-case.

Office US

Now, of course, there is a UK version, but it is something about the US cast that makes the concept of the show even funnier. The series adapts on the UK plot by following the everyday lives of the employees of a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The show explores the office dynamic between workers and management and how the staff grow to barley tolerate management. With all nine seasons available on Prime, it is the perfect series to get into without having to wait for the next season to come out.

Parks and Recreation

It may take a few episodes to get into, but once you're hooked, you're hooked! With each episode, the show gets better and better as you see the characters develop. The series stars comedic legend Amy Pohler as Leslie Knope and in her political ambition within local Government politics. This series is perfect if you want an excuse not to leave the house for a weekend while you binge all seven seasons.


Finally, the list of good series to binge concludes with Fleabag. Positioned as someone who the main character Fleabag is talking to you start to find out more and more about the character and the mystery that surrounds her as the series continues. And with the second series having just been released what better than to watch the first series in preparation for the second series.