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How to prep for uni in summer

Posted: July 01 2019

Keturah, Biomedical Sciences
Keturah, Biomedical Sciences

1. Use platforms such as Unibuddy effectively to get some insight into the course you will be taking in September or the new year of study you will be going into. Ask about course structure, the weighting of exams and course work, tips for the best results as not every year on the same course may require the same game plan. Students are the best people to talk to about studying as it is pretty self explanatory!

Student working on a laptop in the Library of Brunel University London

2. Emailing tutors and lecturers about recommended books and texts (if they are available in Summer). Get stuck in beforehand so you aren't hearing everything for the first time next year. Even if you want to avoid everything uni during Summer, at least keep your brain active by reading a good book, listening to podcasts and watching TedTalks every now and then.

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3. Reflect on last year. What worked for you and what didn't academically. Little things such as leaving things last minute, not asking enough questions during contact hours, messing around with friends or being on your phone too much during lectures/lab. Maybe next year your goal is to sleep enough and eat some breakfast before lectures/lab so you can actually stay awake and take in what's being said!

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4. Get a job or some sort of income coming in during Summer so that you can save a bit for uni expenses that will be looming over your head come September. It's a great feeling to know you've been independent and bought things for yourself and you value them more; this could be personal items such as a speaker, a desk lamp or all your exercise and text books. Even if the money isn't used for uni items, you get into the habit of being disciplined and hard working in turn for positive results; which is mainly gets you through uni anyway. Come September, getting up early and working hard will be second nature to you!

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