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My top 5 favourite items at university

Posted: June 05 2020

Margarida, Creative Writing

It’s always a bit tricky to decide what to take with you when moving to university and what things you should prioritize over others. This list comprises the items I have found most useful during my first two years at university.


This is perhaps the most essential item in this list since you’ll need it to take notes in lectures, and go back and forth on the slides provided by the lecturers as you need to, but also to complete coursework and assignments. There are computers and laptops available in the Library for students to borrow, but you’ll be better off investing in one of your own if you’re able to do so. That way, you won't be restricted to time limits and availability, and you will also be able to use it in your free time, to watch Netflix, for example.

Small sewing kit

I cannot tell you how many times my friends and I have used my small sewing kit! I got it for a couple of pounds at Flying Tiger, and from clothes that need fixing to DIY outfits for socials, this little sewing kit has been a lifesaver!


This item might surprise you, but it has been seriously useful as a brain stimulator for when coursework requires more attention, and it’s also an excellent reward for when you finally get all your work done!


Essential not only at university but in general, your phone will be a great way to keep in touch with friends and family but also to check your university timetable and emails on-the-go as sometimes lectures change locations.


These are great for when you are missing your friends and family back home or just as a decoration item for your room. Many websites and apps have appeared over the last few years which let you edit your photos, add filters, choose different printing layouts, and some even allow you to link videos to them to make your pictures come to life when you scan them with your phone! You will be surprised at how easily photos make your room come together.