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Things to do at Brunel/Uxbridge for Fresher Students! (FOOD)

Posted: September 17 2019

Zixin, Psychology
Zixin, Psychology

Now I lived on campus first year, and quite enjoyed what Brunel/Uxbridge had to offer. So I will split this blog into two: On campus locations/ Off campus (Uxbridge) locations.

On campus locations: on campus there is an area called 'Union of Brunel students'; here you can get together with your friends and socialise, it is one of the most socially active area at the Uni, where you can play pool, get a drink at the bar, or order some food at the multiple restaurants that they offer! E.g. Pizza, fried chicken, and even a lunch time buffet. Its a really nice social area, and it even has its own club Venue which hosts events every week.

Off campus: In Uxbridge there are lots of places to try, especially when it comes to food. My favourite from last year was a restaurant called Iron hot burgers. This place did amazing burgers with chips and a drink for £10-11, although this sounds quite expensive for a burger, once you go, you will realise it is a bargain! The interior offers a really nice setting, whilst the food is beyond any normal burger. They also offer steak sandwiches.

Not into burgers? Well lets hope you like Burritos, in Uxbridge they also have a place called Burrito Kitchen. They do MASSIVE burritos for £6, and you can choose from pulled pork, chicken, or Beef. They offer lots of toppings too, such as guacamole. This place is delicious, and you really get what you pay for.

Not into burgers or Burritos? well lets hope you like Pizza! Near Uxbridge there is a place called Dreams Pizza. Now this place does it like no other! It offers two 20INCH Pizzas for £20!!! Yes you heard me right, have you ever had a 20 inch pizza??? Let alone two for £20!!! I ordered from this place almost every week during my first year. There was always leftovers too the next day.

I hope everyone has a great first year at Uni, and this blog has given you some ideas for what to do at your time on campus.