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Brunel Expert Involvement in OFGEM Working Group to modernise the UK Energy System: Public Consultation now open


Given the need for significant digitisation of the energy system to meet the needs of current and future energy consumers, users and stakeholders, OFGEM convened an industry-wide working group for a Long Term Development Statement (LTDS) Reforms. Owing to his leadership and cutting edge research in Future Energy and Power Systems, Brunel’s Prof Gareth Taylor was invited to join this working group as an expert member and has been an actively participating member since early 2022.

The Long Term Development Statement (LTDS) requires Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) to provide network planning data mandated through their licence conditions. The LTDS reforms commenced in August 2021, through an industry working group (LTDS WG). They concluded in April 2023, delivering a proposed updated set of data standards implementing the Common Information Model (CIM) for this data requirement. See Outputs from the Long Term Development Statement Reforms Working Group | Ofgem

OFGEM are now informally consulting on a new Form of Long Term Development Statement (FoS). The FoS introduces important new requirements for grid model data to be provided using the Common Information Model (CIM) and for the publication of Capacity Heatmap data. These changes build upon the work undertaken by the LTDS Reforms Working Group, including the development of grid modelling guidelines and data exchange specifications. If you would like to engage in the consultation (note closing date of 10th October), please see the Consultation on a new Form of Long Term Development Statement (FoS)

Reported by:

Rosanna Smith