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Policy Brief: Racial diversity initiatives in UK film and TV - Prof Sarita Malik and Dr Clive Nwonka


Professor Sarita Malik (Brunel University London) and Dr Clive Nwonka (UCL) examined the evaluation and outcomes of significant racial diversity initiatives in UK film and TV. They found that:

  • Organisations are reluctant to be transparent about the impact of their diversity plans, so there is an absence of reliable data and monitoring of specific diversity initiatives.

  • Fluid terminology and data categorisation makes it difficult to discern the targets and outcomes of diversity initiatives. In particular, the term ‘BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) is a broad category which does not make the nuanced experiences of different ethnic and cultural groups visible.

  • Available data also does not capture how experience varies with intersectionality, work area, seniority or geographical location.

  • Lack of space for direct testimonies from ethnic minority groups has limited understandings of the barriers to achieving diversity

  • There was an unwillingness to address structural discriminatory practices such as in funding awards or recruitment methods. 

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