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Written evidence: The transition to net zero in the UK and geothermal technologies (CeraPhi Energy Ltd)


What role can geothermal technologies take in the transition to net zero in the UK? Learn more in the written evidence, submitted by CeraPhi Energy Ltd, prepared in collaboration with Brunel University London. The evidence states that: 

  • The skills and knowledge used for monobore closed-loop geothermal heat extraction are very similar to those used in the oil and gas industry. As a result, this technology offers a readily transferable opportunity for the extensive UK oil and gas supply chain, thereby providing significant and easy-to-reach employment opportunities.
  • Currently there are a number of barriers that restrict the expansion of widescale geothermal projects and technology development, such as lack of awareness, investment into the sector, past failed projects, lobbying and  regulatory challenges and issues
  • The new closed-loop solutions can be constructed anywhere and therefore this method of extracting geothermal heat is ultimately scalable across the whole of the UK.
  • Currently there is no defined government programme to support Geothermal Energy from its various sources as a vital energy contributor, other than the schemes for (shallow depth) ground source heat systems. There are schemes for fundi

Read the whole evidence here