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India Alumni Associations

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India Alumni Associations

In 2020, Alumni Associations have relaunched in three regions across India with the aim of organising social events, professional networking opportunities and many more activities. The regions include a North India Alumni Association, a West India Alumni Association, and a South India Alumni Association. Each region has a team of group leaders that volunteer for each Alumni Association is listed below.

 North India Alumni Association

  • President: Tajinder Kaur
  • Treasurer: Harish Raj Raj Choudhary
  • Alumni Activities Officer: Yasmin Anjum             
  • Communications Officer: Anubha Kakroo
  • Membership Officer: Kalpesh Purohit
  • Association Volunteer: Divya Modi
  • Association Volunteer: VarunRaj Singh

West India Alumni Association

  • President: Varun Ahuja
  • Alumni Activities Officer: Aniket Vilas More
  • Communications Officer: Isha Patel
  • Membership Officer: Parth Shah
  • New Alumni Officer: Sunil Karandikar
  • Association Volunteer: Puneet Gagwani

South India Alumni Association

  • President: S M Ali Hussain
  • Alumni Activities Officer: Nishita Khandelwal
  • Communications Officer: Prashanth Virupapuram
  • Membership Officer: Mohammed Arfath
  • New Alumni Officer: Kaushik Shanthan
  • Association Volunteer: Sriram Ramasubramanian

If you would like to be a part of activities or volunteer for your local Alumni Association, please email

Connect with Indian Alumni

Facebook: Reconnect with your friends from Brunel through the India Alumni Facebook Group.

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