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Find the right graduate to boost your business

Find the right graduate to boost your business


Could your organisation benefit from the energy, skills and ideas of a graduate? There are several ways that Brunel can help.


Our Summer Graduate Recruitment Fair takes place in May and is a great opportunity for you to recruit a graduate to your business or organisation, by meeting a number of potential candidates face-to-face. The fair is open to graduates from all UK universities, as well as Brunel graduates. Find out more here


You can also directly advertise vacancies to Brunel students and fellow alumni using our free job vacancy or placement service. In doing so, you will also be supporting your university community by providing our graduates with much-needed industry or other work-based experience and employment opportunities. More information is available here.


Finally, why not join our LinkedIn group and start networking with our alumni? We have a special sub-group where you can publicise your job vacancies. Or you can take part in a range of discussions that could lead you to that ideal candidate. With over 5,800 members in our group, you will have access to a vast amount of potential and experience. Join now.