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Our current Alumnus of the Year


Our current Alumnus of the Year - The Safety Box Founder Nathaniel Peat wins the DREAM

On the 20th of September City Hall played host to the London Week of Peace Awards.

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson hosted the event which awarded those who have done something outstanding for London.

The event which runs annually is part of The Peace Alliance which is an independent charity that works to support communities across the UK, through; supporting safety initiatives, civic responsibility, and crime reduction projects. Launched in 2001 - The ‘London week of peace’ is a week which seeks to “challenge all Londoners to make a positive change in their communities by engaging in a community safety agenda for London”. Londoners of all ages who have made a significant contribution to the safety of the capital - all have the chance to be a recipient of an award within the 10 award categories.

The recent rioting and community unrest has meant that there is now more of a need to champion London and those who show great civic responsibility. These awards are thought of as „for the people, by the people., and a chance for Londoners to nominate their friend, parent, sibling, teacher, student, community group and so on - for being positive role models who champion for a more peaceful London. After an overwhelming nomination from teachers, charity workers, police and pupils The Safety Box founder Nathaniel Peat was successful and was chosen to be the winner of the prestigious DREAM peace award by the judges.

Mayor Boris Johnson who hosted the event stated “There has never been a more timely moment for us to celebrate the unsung heroes who work tirelessly on behalf of Londoners.”

Prime Minister The Rt. Hon David Cameron further endorsed “I am delighted to send my best wishes to everyone involved in this years London Week of Peace, It is about people stepping up to the plate and playing their parts in improving the communities in which they live, and it has made a real difference.”

Nathaniel has been an inspiration to many young people around London and generally in the UK, he has helped to relieve the concerns of young people, parents, governments and educational institutions. Through his social minded business The Safety Box, he has helped to motivate, inspire and steer youth away from underachievement, gang and knife culture and shown them that they are limitless in their potential. Nathaniel for 3 years Nathaniel selflessly put his pilot training on hold in 2005, to make a difference in London.s communities. Through which he focussed his effort on impacting young people through PRU's, YOTS, schools, colleges, universities, youth groups and YMCA.s. In this time he and his company has impacted over 5000 young people and motivated countless adults by helping them to start businesses. He is without a doubt a strong spirit of London, his business and him as an individual has impacted thousands of people of all ages not only in London but as far as Scotland, Canada and even Jamaica. awards/

Episode 8 of London360 will include this feature as part of it.s „Londoner of the week. segment, however, this will be celebrating not just one, but several London champions. The episode will be airing on Monday the 26th of September. If you would like to see former „Londoners of the week.- you can watch all previous shows here; The 10 award categories are as follows:

These include:

- A Bravery Award - for an individual who has shown exceptional courage in keeping the Peace.

- Community Safety Award (the Metropolitan Commissioner's Award.

- DREAM (Develop Real Examples and Mentors) - For an inspirational individual and mentor who is actively making an impact in London and their community awakening the potential of youth and inspiring others.

- Best community safety / crime reduction initiative.

- Diversity Award - for an individual / organization working across diverse groups to bring about positive change.

- Londoners Peace Award (the Mayors Award) - for an individual who has made the most outstanding contribution to their community.

- Bridge Builders Peace Award - For young people actively building bridges between young people, communities, generations, faiths and cultures.

- Community Engaging Award - for an organization actively involved in engagement and connecting local communities.

- Turn Around Peace Award - ex-offender who has made a positive change in his/her community.

- Team London Volunteer Award - (In Partnership with The Mayor's Office) An award celebrating an individual committed to volunteering their time and resources to the benefit of local communities.

- Young Person Peace Award - For students who have made the most outstanding contribution to their school or community.