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International Chapters


International Chapters

With more than 110,000 alumni in 100 countries around the world, you are never too far from a fellow graduate of Brunel. But how can this benefit you?

Why get involved in a Brunel Chapter?

Brunel alumni are increasingly looking to connect with one another around the world in alumni ‘Chapters’. The aim of a Chapter is to encourage mutual support among members of our community and to open doors that might otherwise never have been discovered. Members are often interested in professional networking, socialising or meeting old Brunel friends. Others, who have just moved to a new country, may want to meet local people and seek advice to help them settle in. All this comes with the added reassurance that they already have one thing in common: Brunel!

So whether you are interested in finding a new job, someone to do business with, the perfect employee, or just making new friends, a Chapter can be very rewarding for all involved.

Is there a Chapter near me?

We currently have a number of chapters - some are very new; others are more established. These are in Malaysia, Bahrain, Singapore, Mauritius, Shanghai, Istanbul, Bangkok and Mumbai. We are also in the process of launching a New York Chapter.

We have had interest in starting Chapters in Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia, Washington DC, California and several other parts of the USA. Would you like to get involved too? Let us know!

If you have not heard about any Chapters near you, it may be that we don’t know where you are living. We email information to people based on the address we hold on our records so make sure your details are up to date to ensure you find out about what is going on near you. We have also set up communities on Google+ to enable you to chat, plan events, exchange advice and share photos with others in your Chapter.

If you are interested in starting a chapter in your area, please contact us on and we will send you some useful information about how to get things started. Whether your chapter has 5 or 500 members, we are happy to help wherever we can.


If you would like to organise an event in your country, we would be delighted to help you by publicising the event and contacting all the local alumni that we are in touch with. We can also notify you when there is a representative from the university visiting your country. For example, the Vice Chancellor recently joined our Malaysian Chapter for a celebratory evening (photos are available here)