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Real, relevant research


Real, relevant research

The College of Health and Life Sciences has recently set up three new Research Centres: The Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience, which focuses on the scientific study of human brain function; The Centre for Human Performance, Exercise and Rehabilitation, which focuses on research in exercise, performance and cardiorespiratory and musculoskeletal health; and The Centre for Culture and Evolution, which studies the influence of biology and culture on key aspects of human social behaviour such as relationships, morality, and conflict.

By focusing its research activity in these key areas, the College intends to drive forward the quality of its research and make a real difference to the world outside Brunel. Whether they are exploring how certain skills can be relearned following a stroke, improving exercise and rehabilitation techniques or producing scientific knowledge about social behaviour, all of these Centres are carrying out world class, relevant research which will not only help individuals improve their own lives, but will also have a positive impact on our wider society. As we enter Brunel’s 50th anniversary year, the College of Health and Life Sciences is confident that these new Research Centres will be giving the University plenty to celebrate for the next 50 years.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these research areas, please feel free to get in touch with the Research Centre Leads:

The research conducted in these new College Research Centres complements the research already underway in the University’s Institute for Environment, Health, and Societies. The College contributes to all the research themes of this institute including Ageing Studies, Biomedical Healthcare, Environment & Health, Health Economics, Synthetic Biology and Welfare, Health & Wellbeing. Details of the research focus of each theme can be found in the following pages: