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University Challenge Revisited!


University Challenge Revisited!
It was 2016 vs 1975...

To celebrate our 50th anniversary year we hosted a special University Challenge Revisited, where the original Brunel team from 1975 reunited for the first time in 40 years to take on a 2016 Brunel team from the Students’ Union. In their own words, the original team were ‘trounced’ by the team from Churchill College Cambridge when appearing on the show back in 1975 and were keen for a shot at redemption, with an ‘Issy the Dinosaur’ mascot firmly at their side.

As with the preparation for all acts of sporting greatness, we asked both teams to undertake a little warm-up ahead of the evening’s showdown - watch how they fared at: Although the 1975 team could feel confident in their performance, they will well remember that they drew in their warm-up with their eventual conquerors from Churchill College in 1975, so a victory at University Challenge Revisited was anyone’s to play for. The 2016 Students’ Union team were prepped and ready for business!

Hosted by our very own Professor Bill Leahy, there were points galore, multiple ‘starters for 10’ and plenty of action on the buzzers during the ‘bonus’ rounds. After a solid effort from both sides, the 1975 team were victorious with a score of 150 vs 95 at the end of play.

1975 - Returning Team
Representing 1975, the original team for that year:

Bryan McAlley (Captain)

Mike Chappell

John Snadden

Charles Miller

2016 - UBS Team
Representing 2016 and our Students’ Union:

Ali Milani (Captain)

Michael Darlow

Aaron Lowman

Pauldy Otermans