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Anthropology seminar schedule Spring 2017

GASK239, 13:00—14:30, Tuesdays, All are welcome!

17 January: Henrike Donner, Goldsmiths

"Beyond elites: why anthropologists should study the middle class"

24 January: Ross Wignall, Sussex

"Belonging without Believing?: Making Space for Marginal Masculinities at the Young Men’s Christian Association in the UK and The Gambia"

31 January: Pat Caplan, Goldsmiths

"Win-win? Food poverty, food aid and food surplus in the UK today"

07 February: Melissa Parker, LSHTM

"The really invisible children: reintegration, rejection and disappearance after life with the Lord's Resistance Army in northern Uganda"


13 February: READING WEEK – no seminar


21 February: Frances Pine, Goldsmiths

"Rethinking the household in a time of migration: problems of money, movement & place"

28 February: Andrew Beatty, Brunel University London

"Undisciplined squads of emotion"

07 March: Sohini Kar, LSE

"Systemic Enfolding: Microfinance and Everyday Financial Risk in India"

14 March: Eric Hirsch Brunel University London

"Stranger-kings in the Papuan highlands: power and myth among the Fuyuge"

21 March: Sazana Jayadeva, GIGA Institute of Asian Studies

"Below English Line: The English language and class in post-liberalisation India"

28 March: Denis Regnier, Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique (F.R.S.-FNRS)

"The cultural transmission of social essentialism: a view from Madagascar"