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New students meet past students

Students from the last years’ cohort 2018/2019 share their experiences with our new students in class! They shared the bad, the good and the ugly!

Our news students found the testimonials quite inspiring, motivating and an eye opener to what may be ahead of them. The 2019/2020 cohort engaged with Samiya, Lavanya and Juliana.  All three students are currently doing their placements. They have shared tips with our new students in terms of time management, teamwork management, critical thinking/writing and placements.  They have also responded to questions from our new students who asked them for their best advice.

This meet is very beneficial for our new students at the start of the academic year. The meet intends to give the new cohort a sense of readiness and motivation to the months of hard work coming ahead. If the new cohort witnesses testimonies from past students that they did it then that means the new students can do it too. Also learning from past students experiences can make them better prepared to the course and the opportunities and challenges of the course. 

 CMB image1
Picture from left: Lavanya Manocha, Samiya Sajjad, Juliana Santiago Lobo Facanha (recorded) sharing their experiences. 
  CMB image2
Picture from left: Lavanya Manocha, is answeering a session on Q&A 

We are thankful to Samiya, Lavanya and Juliana who made the effort and the time they took from their placement duties to engage with the new cohort pro bono. This shows the sense of altruism that our students/graduates feel towards the academic team, the programme and the business school at large. This symbolises the positive and generous culture of this programme.

The event organised by Dr Yousra Asaad and also supported by other module leader who taught in the program Dr. Sharifah Alwi and Dr. Christina Marcia Ferreira.  By organising such meets and events, the programme leader and module leaders aim to enhance both the academic and social experience of students during their study at BBS. In addition, we aim to enrich the synergy and develop a network of students and alumni from different cohorts to build and develop a brand heritage of the MSc Corporate Brand Management at BBS. 

  CMB image3
 Picture from left: Lavanya Manocha, Samiya Sajjad, Dr Yousra Asaad, Dr Marcia Ferreira, Dr Sharifah Alwi.