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Business - BBS Collaborative Student Projects

As a London based SME you can gain value from collaborating with Brunel University London in many ways. Whether you are:

  • A recent Start-up with limited resources
  • An SME aiming to gain a competitive edge through innovative research
  • A charity, hospital or multinational interested in gaining a fresh perspective on a topic

You can gain valuable insight from collaborating with our undergraduate and postgraduate students whilst identifying world class graduates for future employment.  Collaborative projects benefit your business needs and also adds considerable value to a student’s education and career prospects, supporting the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.  

All potential projects and the intellectual property arrangements are carefully discussed with the collaborating company, whilst the students are supported and guided weekly by the expertise of their academic tutor.

  • Businesses write a project brief based around a specific innovation challenge. The brief describes the project’s context, scope of work, specific objectives. Our academic and Co-Innovate team will review the project for suitability for our students.
  • Students are invited to select a project from the range of briefs advertised.
  • Students are to submit a current CV, the project brief and a short overview of how they believe this collaboration will further their career.
  • A contract is issued once a match is made. This contract is signed between the Student, Business and University Head of Contracts & IP.
  • A triage meeting is organised between the business, academic supervisor, innovation director and student to discuss the project.
  • The work is carried out over the academic year. During this time, there are weekly student and monthly supervisor meetings to help keep the student on track.
  • The student will complete a final report at the end of your project.
Collaborative Timeline v.2

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