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Congratulations to Brunel Summer 2022 Student Challenge winners

Co Innovate Pitching Event 6 COMPRESSED

Congratulations to Brunel Summer 2022 Student Challenge winners

Brunel talent has been on show this summer as the winners of two Student Challenges have been announced. The industry challenges were delivered with Qi Digital and The Zishi Group and attracted 82 students in 23 teams to compete for the chance to pitch their ideas.

“Being recognised by companies not only presents additional opportunities which could be pursued in the future, it also provides an invaluable insight into both the company itself and the sector it functions in. Oftentimes this allows for direct interactions with leading professionals which can develop into fruitful relationships and attain a sense of achievement for both sides.” Milosz Paszkowski, Team Leader on the winning team for the Qi Digital challenge.

Students were asked to create a realistic go-to-market / business plan and present it in the form of a pitch deck for a FinTech start-up, based upon how the new world Web3 will open decentralised technologies which are proving to democratise the status-quo for digital currencies.

Mann Matharu, Founder, Qi Digital said “It's a real pleasure to have worked with the Co-Innovate team and students from across faculties at Brunel University. We were extremely impressed by the very high standard of the presentations, even more so given the limited time in which to prepare for this multidisciplinary industry challenge. And as a new topic, abundantly clear the extent of the research conducted.

The competition was very close and our congratulations go both to the winning team and individuals, as well as all the participants and organisers. The students at Brunel University have certainly set the bar high and we’re really looking forward to working with Brunel university in the future, and with those students selected for internships with us, who will be helping us shape the company’s future.”

The Zishi Challenge involved students in the creation of a marketing communication plan and promotion strategy for the company to launch the trading challenge globally, with the unique pathway to achieving an officially recognised Level 2 qualification in Financial Trading.

Snothando Nolwazi  Mthimunye, Chevening Scholar (2021-2022) has been offered paid work by Zishi. “Getting recognition from the company gives me reassurance that I am on the right track as far as my career is concerned. Performing well academically is great but being recognised by real-world execs who regularly interact with various talents, reaffirms that I am knowledgeable in my field.”

Rob Russell, Global Head of Professional Qualifications, Professional Trader Qualifications & Development said: “Thank you to Brunel University London for making us so welcome.  Setting a real-life, multi-layered challenge was supposed to be difficult and test the demanding characteristics of the industry. 

“The engagement from the students was exceptional throughout, with each layer of the task being approached with enthusiasm and determination.  The concluding presentations demonstrating the huge amount of work each group had put into the challenge in such a short time frame. 

“Enthusiasm and resilience are crucial, it was clear that the students on the challenge have this in abundance.”

Students’ feedback across both challenges demonstrated the value in enhancing their skills through the additional workshops in Principles of a Marketing Strategy; How to Perfect Your Pitch; Google Garage Digital Marketing; Introduction to Digital Currencies/Payments Sector; Introduction to Finance/Trading plus additional Q&A sessions with the businesses.

Eight students were invited to apply for job opportunities with one student resulting in a job outcome with The Zishi Group. Seven others are currently interviewing for an internship opportunity with Qi Digital.