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Congratulations to Co-Innovate Student Award-Winners


Congratulations to Co-Innovate Student Award-Winners

Innovation, enterprise, and ingenuity were plentiful at the Made in Brunel Co-Innovate lunch this month as students received awards for their project work with London-based companies.

During the Co-Innovation Lunch at Made in Brunel, the Innovation Award 2022 went to Lakhan Gujarati, Tianyi Chen, Theo Seah, Ting Zhang and Jingyu Liu for their work with ChargeBox. The company leads the way in providing secure out-of-home charging for mobile devices.

The Business Impact Award was won by the student team working with Urban Community Projects. They are David Cacin, Iman Ashraf, Lee Connor, Pavan Bhamra and Riky Bhayani.

Collecting the award on behalf of the group, Pavan Bhamra said: “An award like this one shows how important graphic designers are to businesses. With the world becoming increasingly digital, graphic designers will be needed to market growing businesses' products to a wider audience.”

The third and final award was for Sustainability and went to Kunal Baweja for his work with Ecosync, specialists in the energy management of commercial buildings.

Kunal says: “This project provided me with an opportunity to understand the university students’ perspective of living in student halls about energy saving through online interviews.

“It helped consolidate my understanding of the advantages of Ecosync’s product offering, the barriers, and their objective to encourage energy-saving in commercial settings. This study developed practical recommendations for a successful mobile application (encouraging energy saving) for the company based on the findings. I am very glad to be able to spread some awareness to future generations about the importance of sustainable behaviour. 

“Winning the Sustainability award for my project is a huge recognition of my work and I am extremely thankful for this opportunity provided by Co-Innovate and the support of all my mentors at Brunel.”