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'How you can Turn Brexit into an opportunity' Workshop

LogoERDFA few places remain at the Brunel Co-Innovate ‘How you can Turn Brexit into an opportunity’ Workshop, in partnership with Enterprise Wellness.

Thursday 19th April 2018 we will be looking at Employee Health and the cost burden SME businesses incur for poor health.

We will hear from a range of speakers on the positive steps that businesses can take to impact positively the bottom line. 

We welcome Dr Onkar Sahota Chair of the GLA Health Committee who will talk about the Mayor’s commitment to improving business health by addressing employee health.

Join us for an informative, interactive discussion which will give you the chance to help your business. 

Following the discussions a buffet meal will be served, great food from our hosts the Brilliant Restaurant, allowing businesses to talk with the speakers and to extend connections by networking with other businesses attending.

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Paul Davies