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Invitation To Tender - Summative Assessment - Co-Innovate Journeys Programme

Tender - Summative Assessment
Invitation To Tender - Summative Assessment


Brunel University London

The University’s 2030 mission, “to bring benefit to society through excellence in education, research, and knowledge transfer” is central to both programmes, which are an integral part of the University’s Brunel Design School, and the wider innovation support for London based SMEs, entrepreneurs, and start-ups that the University offers.

Brunel University London is a leading multidisciplinary research-intensive university delivering economic, social, and cultural benefit, excellence, and innovation, and putting entrepreneurial spirit at the heart of everything it does.

We are committed to expanding our already significant global reach and further raising our reputation as one of the world’s pre-eminent international universities, by building strategic partnerships with overseas universities and businesses to expand our research and education activities and deliver impact through knowledge transfer.


Brunel Co-Innovate Journeys is jointly funded by Brunel University London, the GLA and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) providing fee support for eligible SMEs. The project commenced in October 2016 with a delivery end date of 30 June 2023, and practical and completion date of 30 September 2023. The aims of the £4.4m Brunel Co-Innovate Journeys programme are to:

• Stimulate SME growth and employment by providing innovation support to London-based businesses in all sectors, all sizes.

• Support the creation of new products, processes, and services.

• Provide access to Brunel University’s world class research, academics, knowledge assets, student talent and specialised facilities.

• Provide access to real world projects and experience.

• Provide access to potential employment for students through the businesses they work with.

• Help SMEs access Brunel University’s world class research, academics, knowledge assets, student talent and specialised facilities all through collaboration with various department at Brunel University London including the business school.

• Provide access to student placements for special SME projects.

Co-Innovate Journeys was contracted to provide the following ERDF outputs:

(C1) SMEs receiving support: 460

(C4) SMEs receiving non-financial support: 460

(C5) New SMEs supported: 17

(C8) Employment increase in supported enterprises: 40

(C26) SMEs co-operating with research entities: 220

(C29) SMEs supported to introduce new to the firm products: 22


The ERDF grant funding agreement places a requirement on all grant recipients to undertake a Summative Assessment. These are intended to provide insights into :

  • Project performance to enhance,
  • Reliable evidence of efficiency,
  • Effectiveness,
  • Value for money,
  • Insights into what and why interventions work,
  • Lessons for the future.

It will also provide project level evidence which, when combined with national evidence of progress and impact will result in stronger evidence of the overall impact and effectiveness of the ERDF Operational Programmes across England.

While the approach within each Summative Assessment may vary, all assessments need to cover the following themes:

• Relevant and consistency of the programme – in light of any changes in policy or economic circumstances during its delivery period and appropriateness of programme design,

• Progress of the programme against contractual targets – any reasons for under/over performance and expected lifetime results,

• The experience of delivery and managing the programme and lessons emerging from this,

• The economic impact of the programme – including intended and actual outcomes and impact,

• Assessing value for money and cost effectiveness of the programme in light of its intended and unintended outcomes and impact therefore its value for money,

• Conclusions and lessons learnt – overall conclusions based on analysis of above areas.

The ERDF links below outline the scope and purpose of the assessment, required contents and high-level instructions (please note these are current at the time of this tender). Suppliers are expected to check and comply with the latest ERDF if amended:

ERDF Summative Assessment Guidance

ERDF Summative Assessment Guidance Appendices

This Summative Assessment Report Summary must be produced using this standard template.


A Draft Summative Assessment Report will be required by 01 July 2023 with any updates/amendments and the Summary by 28 July 2023.

The key stages for the tender response to cover are:

1. Planning – defining objectives, methodology and schedule of work

2. Data collection and analysis covering the areas required by the ERDF guidance including:

  • Impact and benefit of the project  Lessons learned and how this can inform future activity
  • Economic value and cost effectiveness of the project
  • Performance against target outputs to date
  • Case Studies
  • Other achievements

3. Production of Draft, Final Report and Summary

Tender Requirements

The provider will adhere to and comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act, the Health and Safety at Work Act, Environmental Policy and Equal Opportunities Policy in accordance with the University policies.

To apply, please provide the following information and documentation:

• Name, Business Name, Address, Contact Telephone Number, Email Address;

• Tender document describing your expertise;

• Methodology and Schedule for the 3 Key Stages in the Overview Section;

• A prepared quote including and excluding VAT;

• Your availability from 27 March to 07 August 2023;

• Copy of your current business insurance i.e. Professional Indemnity and Public Liability;

• Your Company Registration Number or copy of a tax assessment page showing your UTR Number and/or a copy of an official document with this;

• 2 x business references. (can we contact them Yes/No).

Please confirm you are aware this work is ad hoc YES/NO

Budget & pricing

The maximum budget for this ERDF procured service is £14,500 inclusive of VAT. Please note that submitting a quote is not a guarantee of work and if successful that you will be responsible for your own Tax and NI payments


The successful applicant will be required to complete supplier paperwork to be set up on the university finance system. Payment will be made in arrears upon the completion of the Summative Assessment Final Report and Summary.

Duration of contract

This provision will be required to commence from 27th March and will need to be completed by 7th August 2023 at the latest.

Application Process

A three-stage application process will be used:

Stage 1 – Receipt of Tender - please note your tender can only be considered if all the information requested is provided by the closing date. Closing date 14th March 2023 by 5pm.

Stage 2 – A short list will be drawn up and applicants invited for Interview by 17th March 2023

Stage 3 – Interviews to take place week commencing 20th March 2023 with intention of final decision being made and the successful provider informed by 24th March 2023.

The Selection Criteria will be against Qualifications, Knowledge, Experience, Skills and Ability, and Value for money. Scoring against the Selection Criteria will be flat (no weighting) 0 – 10.

Please submit your tender to Co-Innovate Operations Manager Rhona Denness, clearly marking the subject line "Co-Innovate Summative Assessment Tender - Confidential".

If you have any queries, please submit in writing by 10 March 2023 also to Rhona Denness.