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Opportunity for Marketing and Finance Workshop Delivery

Request for quotations to deliver Marketing and Finance workshops

Co-Innovate Journeys, a Brunel University London Project co-financed by the EU through ERDF, to support London-based SME businesses to develop and innovate by opening up and making available the academic expertise and specialised resources within Brunel University London, invites quotations for the following work:

Co-Innovate Journeys would like to request quotations to procure providers to deliver workshops to SME’s as part of our business support programme aimed at enhancing their growth, competitiveness and profitability.

We are looking, for specific topics and for providers to facilitate and present full day workshops across London in line with client needs and interests.  

Proposals are welcome from individuals and from organisations

Specific Requirements

Subject specific workshops, tailored to suit the needs of London SME’s, to be offered as part of intensive support to:

  • ERDF eligible businesses through the Co-Innovate project

Initial topics



You will be required to:

  • Design and deliver your workshop(s) and any supporting materials, branded in line with Co-Innovate, ERDF and Brunel University and other funder requirements, to be delivered in suitable venues anywhere in London.
  • Ensure clients participating in the workshops fully and correctly complete all relevant project paperwork
  • Work with Co-Innovate Journeys to generate interest in attending the workshops and engage businesses in signing up to support
  • Ensure a highly professional service which meets the needs of participants and contributes to the project’s overall targets. 

Topics, locations and timings will be in line with identified client needs and interests.

Venue and refreshments costs will normally be arranged and paid for by Co-Innovate Journeys.  If your proposal includes venue and refreshments please make this clear and explain your reasoning.

Content of submission

Your submission should cover as a minimum:

  • Title, brief description, outline of content and any target audience of the workshop(s) being offered, rational, proposed outcomes
  • Description of your delivery methodology
  • Demonstration of sufficient, suitably experienced/qualified staff resources, including CV’s for all staff involved in the management and delivery of the workshops
  • Track record and relevant experience including examples of similar work and at least two relevant referees.
  • Pricing, what it includes and the number of participants which could be accommodated per workshop
  • An outline of any other contracts you have which may impact on your ability to deliver these workshops, and how this will be managed

A three stage application process will be used:

Stage 1 – Receipt of Proposals. Please supply a full CV and covering letter detailing previous experience of supplying the required services – Closing date 1700 hours Tuesday 2nd October 2018.

Stage 2 – A short list will be drawn up and applicants invited for Interview.

Stage 3 – Face to face meetings will take place as soon as possible after the tender close.  It is possible that second clarification meetings may be necessary.

The Selection Criteria will be against Qualifications, Knowledge, Experience, Skills and Ability, and Value for money.  Scoring against the Selection Criteria will be flat (no weighting) 0 – 10.

Please email your proposal to Rhona Denness at, clearly marking the subject line "Co-Innovate Journeys Marketing & Finance workshop delivery - Confidential".