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Urban Scholars


Welcome to the Urban Scholars Programme. This programme looks to support like-minded Scholars explore their potential to ensure successful life outcomes. What success looks like will be different for every Scholar and individuality is encouraged and supported. However, a sense of belonging will be nurtured at every opportunity. 

Through the Urban Scholars Programme, Scholars will be exposed to workshops, new ways of thinking, and unique and inspirational guest speakers who Scholars are unlikely to meet during their time at school. Personal stories are shared so that Scholars may see themselves reflected in these speakers and gain insights on how to tread a positive path to success despite circumstances that may challenge their ability to focus on study. In addition, through reflection, Scholars are encouraged to gain a sense of self and their place in the world as they hear about the influence speakers have had on society.  

‘When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.’

Audre Lorde

The programme is collaborative, working with Brunel University, schools, community partners, Scholars, and their families. Scholars come from different geographic areas and backgrounds but all share commitment and the ability to engage in the challenging experiences that the programme offers beyond the curriculum. Scholars will work collaboratively on community service projects whilst being exposed to our partners’ inspirational work in their specialist fields. Scholars will normally be with the programme for a period of 3 years, taking part in Saturday workshops and activities whilst attending regular workshops with our Tutors in specific subject areas during term time.   

Our Goals


The programme aims to compliment and support academic studies whilst expanding Scholar’s vision of future possibilities. One of the ways in which this is done is by enabling those on the programme to express themselves using different forms of medium whilst reflecting on their learning through their journey as an Urban Scholar. 

A key element to the programme is private tutoring that covers key subject areas. Small groups meet with their designated Tutor on a regular basis during term time to explore areas of learning that are identified as challenging for the Scholars, by the Scholars. In addition, assistance is given with study and revision skills. 

The aims of our Tutors

  • Aim 1 – Increased engagement with learning
  • Aim 2 – Increased academic achievement
  • Aim 3 – Increased aspirations and expectations of self
  • Aim 4 – Increased higher education and / or apprenticeship orientation
  • Aim 5 – Increased understanding of Scholars’ role as global citizens

Key Messages from the Programme


Embrace an Open Mindset

Through workshops, speakers, and diverse perspectives, USP nurtures an open mindset. This readiness to explore new ideas and adapt to change is a key life skill you'll gain.

Individual Opinions

Critical thinking and discussions empower you to form independent opinions. This helps you confidently uphold your beliefs and resist peer pressure, fostering individuality and self-assuredness.

Informed Choices

By providing access to resources and mentorship, we equip you with essential knowledge. This empowers you to make informed decisions about your education and career, setting you on a path to success.



 Contact Details 

Antoine Rogers, Programme Director
Mobile 07407 815 576 

Urban Scholars Programme Team