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Essential Apprenticeship Information

Your Induction

At the start of your Apprenticeship, you will be invited to attend an induction. Here you will have an opportunity to meet the programme Academic Team, learn more about your Apprenticeship programme, becoming a Brunel student and receive important information including health and safety and safeguarding.  At your induction you can expect a review of skills assessment (Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours).

Developing new Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours 

You should have already completed your individual Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours Initial Assessment and returned it to the Brunel Apprenticeship Team. This assessment is very important and it determines the start of your Apprenticeship journey, it accounts for any prior attainment and your starting points against the nationally recognised occupational standards – this will be reviewed throughout your Apprenticeship journey to monitor and celebrate the acquisition of your new knowledge and skills. 

Tripartite Progress Reviews

Throughout your Apprenticeship programme you will attend scheduled Tripartite Progress Reviews, these meetings are an important part of your apprenticeship and will be carried out regularly between you, your employer and a Brunel tutor. The aims of these meetings are to review your progression and understand any issues or concerns you have, and provide support to ensure you progress well.  These reviews can be conducted face-to-face or remotely.

20% Off the job training

As an Apprentice you are required to spend at least 20% of your contracted working time in off-the-job training (away from your usual day-to-day work duties) to successfully achieve the Apprenticeship programme. This would typically include hours you spend in lectures, seminars and tutorials, writing assignments and recommended self-directed online learning. 

Off-the-job training is included to support you to acquire new knowledge and skills to achieve the national occupational standards.  The number of total hours and learning activities is agreed with you and your employer at the start of your apprenticeship programme and you are required to keep an updated record of your off-the-job-training hours on an e-portfolio as part of your learning journal. 

Key Programme Commitments

As an Apprentice you will be required to sign a jointly agreed Training Plan between yourself, your Employer and Brunel University that will include a commitment to the following responsibilities throughout your programme:

  • Attend all learning activities/classroom requirements
  • Complete and log your 20% off-the-job-training activities and hours
  • Review and provide evidence of acquiring new Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours through your e-portfolio
  • Participate in all tripartite progress reviews
  • Complete your End Point Assessment

End Point Assessment – Achieving your Apprenticeship

All Apprentices are required to sit an End Point Assessment (EPA) – this evidences your acquisition of the full Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours set by the national occupational standards. The EPA requirements will differ depending on what Apprenticeship programme you are undertaking.