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Academic from Brunel Law School, Co-editor of CUP Book on Sustainability

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Dr Georgina Tsagas, Senior Lecturer in Private and Commercial Law in the Brunel Law School and Accredited UK Mediator in Civil and Commercial Mediation, has recently seen the culmination of years of research on sustainability with the launch of a new book in press with Cambridge University Press, which she has co-edited alongside Professor Charlotte Villiers (University of Bristol Law School) and Professor Beate Sjåfjell (University of Oslo, Faculty of Law). The book draws on a range of perspectives including from the now concluded Horizon 2020 EU Funded Project, SMART Project (2016-2020).

Professor Takis Tridimas (King’s College London, Dickson Poon School of Law), has written the foreword for the book, stating that the contributions in the book ‘address value creation in the EU by challenging what the authors perceive to be an eschewed conception of it and proposing its readjustment in the interests of social fairness and sustainability’ and that the analysis of the book ‘is rigorous, relevant and original. It thus makes a very valuable contribution to the narrative debate and the conceptualisation of the integration model’.

The book entitled ‘Sustainable Value Creation in the EU: Towards Pathways to a Sustainable Future through Crises’ is now in print with Cambridge University Press (forthcoming 2022) and is the result of a long journey, beginning early in 2015, when a network of scholars, including Dr Tsagas, organised a conference in response to the Eurozone Crisis and Greek economic crisis in Thessaloniki, Greece, which depicted the symptoms of broader European and global problems and focused on the need for refocusing on the objective of sustainable value creation. As a teaser, the introductory chapter by B. Sjåfjell, G. Tsagas and C. Villiers (eds), entitled “Stimulating Value Creation in a Europe in Crisis”, as well as abstracts of all chapters are freely available on SSRN.

For more information on the development of this book and the topics covered, please click here.