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Alice - Innocent Bystander or Disturbing the Peace?


During a visit to Uxbridge High School (UHS) on February 11, the student Law Society taught school students there debating skills and gave them the chance to take part in a mock trial of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, where Alice was charged with disturbing the peace and a theft of a box of cookies from the White rabbit! A jury comprising students and UHS teachers found Alice guilty of the offences charged.

Equally creative was the debating topic; whether the selfie stick should be banned in public places and whether video games and music videos depicting violent scenes should be accessible from YouTube!

Amirah Choudhury, level II student and President of the Society, commented: "We were very impressed with the UHS students! They have demonstrated impeccable debating skills and the mock trial scenario was thoroughly entertaining and a joy to watch. It was inspiring for us to see that the younger generation have great potential! We are thankful that the society had been invited in, it was great fun!"

Amirah was joined by another two Law society members in the event, Ms Beth Moloney (debating officer) and Ms Gabrielle Laurin (Vice-President, Law Society). Ms Yiola Rizava, the UHS teacher who coordinated the event, commended the Law students for their highly professional outlook and the way they had enthused the UHS students. She explained that ‘on their way to break all UHS students were very pleased with the experience and the skills they had obtained’. The Law Society students are planning similar interventions in UHS and other local secondary schools.