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Breakfast Fundraiser in aid of Brunel Cares discusses business sustainability and protecting confidentiality in light of COVID-19

Brunel fundraiser 4

On the 14 July, Brunel Law School colleagues hosted a webinar to discuss the opportunities organisations have to positively leverage the shift in working practices since the lockdown. This Breakfast Fundraiser was organised in aid of Brunel Cares with a £4 donation requested from each registrant.

The morning webinar was led by Tony Coyne, Partner and Head of London Property in top 50 Law firm, Blake Morgan, along with Brunel Law School academics. 

Two main themes were discussed in the webinar – the first by Dr Georgina Tsagas who introduced a discussion on business sustainability. How Pre-COVID-19, those that questioned the values around business sustainability and employee’s physical and mental wellbeing were often viewed as idealists who were not in touch with reality. 

Through Covid-19, the norm has become unsettled and it is now making even the most cynical of people wonder ‘what is profoundly wrong with how things used to work in organisations and beyond?’.

 Dr Tsagas went on to offer some approaches for consideration, such as offering more sustainable resource allocation in organisations, investing in high-performing software technology, creating more meaningful social interaction or even committing to the robustness of state-based institutions such as the public health care system and the police force. 

Also discussed in the meeting was the subject of best practice for protecting confidentiality. Dr Hayleigh Bosher, Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law discussed how COVID-19 has dictated many changes for businesses, including the need to operate remotely. How these changes bring risks of sharing confidential information electronically, that may have previously been shown in hard copy, or as part of a live presentation. 

In relation to the law, Dr Tsagas raised a challenge: 'Let’s see how law, the usual suspect in controlling behaviours and introducing new norms, coupled with lessons being learnt from the current pandemic, can lead to business sustainability as the new golden standard'.

To access the webinar replay, please click here.