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"Right to a Healthy Environment" Dr Lisa Mardikian article published

Dr Lisa Mardikian, Senior Lecturer in Property Law at Brunel Law School, recently had her article published in International & Comparative Law Quarterly.

The article is titled ‘The Right to a Healthy Environment Before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights’, and it delves into the Inter-American Court of Human Rights' interpretation of the right to a healthy environment as an autonomous right within the framework of the American Convention on Human Rights. 

The article contends that there are three challenges in the Court's approach. The first concerns the individual and collective aspects of the right, the second relates to its connection with the Court's previous legal rulings, and the third pertains to the corresponding reparations.

In its concluding section, the article explores potential avenues for the Court to provide additional guidance on the nuances of the right and its interplay with civil and political rights.