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Collaborating with companies in Europe on energy efficiency

On 12-13 March 2018 Brunel University London hosted the second ETEKINA consortium meeting. ETEKINA which stands for 'heat pipETECHnologies for INdustrial Applications' is an EU funded research project (the main coordinator is IK4-IKERLAN in Spain) aiming to recover 57-70% of the waste heat stream in energy intensive industries.

The project officially started in October 2017. Ten companies and institutes from across Europe have joined forces to improve the energy performance of energy intensive processes. In this project one technology – the Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger to be designed by Professor Jouhara, the project’s technical co-ordinator at Brunel University London, will be used in the three high energy intense industries (i.e. aluminium, ceramics, and steel).

This is also the first collaborative EU funded project between the Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering Department and the Law School working together.

Dr Malinauskaite from Brunel Law School will lead the legislative part in the area of life cycle assessment and EU legislation on emissions and energy efficiency in process industries. She will also explore the extent to which a regulatory framework can facilitate market penetration of this new technology which could easily applied in many other industries.

Further information about the project can be found here