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Law students judge academics during 'Do Shakespeare's plays still matter?' debate

Two undergraduate Law students Daniel Proctor, Jade Foley judged one of the livelier debates during Shakespeare Week entitled ‘Do Shakespeare’s plays still matter?'.

Brunel University London Professors William Leahy and Tom Betteridge were on opposing sides of the arguement as the question raged throughout the evening 'Do Shakespeare's plays still matter?'. The debate covered topics such as Skakespeare's work still being used in school curriculums, the resemblance between Richard III in Donald Trump and the inclusion of Shakespearian language in our modern society. 

Jade Foley, a 3rd year undergraduate student said "I thoroughly enjoyed judging the event last night, it is interesting to hear both sides of the argument and really makes you think about whether Shakespeare is relevant! My Law degree has certainly helped prepare me to be a judge in an event like this by giving me so many opportunities to practice my advocacy/public speaking and to even shadow practising judges"