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Campus Apartments and Kilmorey Flat 26

Campus apartments and Kilmorey flat 26 are a great option for those who wish to live in our campus accommodation while they study at Brunel.

We are pleased to have added new rooms to our campus room provisions in 2022 and have them available for you to secure for your arrival. 

Situated across various halls around campus there are 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with a spacious living room, bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen. These apartments are fully furnished and offer comfortable accommodation for single applicants. The rooms have a small double bed and you will share the bath/shower/toilet with your flatmates. 

Facilities included:

  • Comfy seating area in living room
  • Dining table and chairs in living room
  • 43” TV in living room fitted on wall/on stand
  • TV Licence for TV in living room only
  • Washing Machine in kitchen
  • Dishwasher in kitchen
  • Cutlery in kitchen
  • Standard Linen Package

For more on campus accommodation facilities please visit residences pages.

2 and 3 bedroom apartment locations

Apartment photos


Apartment photos






This 9 bedroom flat is fully furnished and offers comfortable accommodation for single applicants. 

For more on campus accommodation facilities please visit residences pages.

Flat location

Flat location
 Kilmorey Hall floorplan    

Flat photos


 Kilmorey Flat 26 Hall  Kilmorey Flat 26 Blank


 Kilmorey Flat 26 Kitchen 1 (sofa) Kilmorey Flat 26 Kitchen 2  Kilmorey Flat 26 Kitchen 3 (door) Kilmorey Flat 26 Blank


En suite bedroom

Kilmorey Flat 26 Standard Room 1

Kilmorey Flat 26 Standard Room 2

Kilmorey Flat 26 Standard Room 3

Kilmorey Flat 26 Standard Room 4


Large en suite deluxe bedroom

 Kilmorey Flat 26 Large Room 1

Kilmorey Flat 26 Large Room 3

Kilmorey Flat 26 Large Room 5

 Kilmorey Flat 26 Large Room 2

Kilmorey Flat 26 Large Room 4

Kilmorey Flat 26 Blank


Please read the Rents and contracts guide for more information.

To apply for session 2022/23:

  • Submit an online application form;
  • Email your interest to and quote ‘secure apartment' or 'secure Kilmorey flat 26’;
  • Applications for 2023/24 are available from February 2023.

If you are part of a friendship group we can try to accommodate you together.

To secure your accommodation you will need to:

    • Accept your Licence Agreement online before the deadline date stated in your allocation email;
    • Pay the accommodation deposit online £350.

Before accepting you should make sure you read, understand and agree to the terms of the Residence Regulations and the Licence Agreement as, together, they create legally binding obligations. The Licence Agreement and the Residence Regulations are governed by English Law which international students may find quite different to the law that applies in their own country. Take advice before signing if you feel you need it.

Rooms are available for full time students who are enrolled on their course for the whole academic year. 

Offers will be made on a first come first served basis from 26 April 2023 and will continue until the flats are fully booked. 

Once the flats are fully booked students will be able to add their details to the waiting list. 

Offers of accommodation, formal or otherwise, are provisional and subject to the clearance of all money owing to the University up to and including the end of the Summer Vacation.