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Complaints procedure

The Student Living Complaints Procedure is not intended to deal with initial maintenance requests or general enquiries. If you need to report a problem in your accommodation please use the online reporting facility at https://brunel-prod.planoncloud.com for campus and https://brunel-student.fixflo.com for Brunel Student Lettings off campus accommodation.  For general enquiries contact methods please check accommodation website.

The University welcomes the views of its students and recognises that there may be occasions when a student is dissatisfied with an aspect of their university managed accommodation experience. If you have experienced an issue about which you would like to complain, you should first engage with Stage 1. Stage 1 is designed to give our department (or nominee) an opportunity to address your complaint locally and as swiftly as possible.

Stage 1: Early Resolution-   Your complaint can be submitted to Student Living Services by completing the Stage 1 Complaints Form summarising the issue about which you are complaining, including what action you would like the University to take in response which will be acknowledged within 2 working days.  We may contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss your complaint and seek to provide a resolution that you are satisfied with.  Depending on the content of your complaint it may be escalated to the Head of Student Living or their representative. You will be advised by email if your complaint is escalated to the Head of Student Living or their representative. 

You do not have to submit evidence to support your complaint at this stage, as the purpose of Stage 1 is to reach an informal resolution, but you are welcome to do so should you wish to. However, if you are requesting a remedy which includes a claim for Actual Financial Loss, this will need to be evidenced. 

A Stage 1 complaint should be raised within 3 months of the incident about which you are complaining, and should normally take no longer than 14 calendar days from the date you submit it to be resolved.

Stage 2: If you are dissatisfied with the resolution at Stage 1 students can email the Student complaints  department to escalate further by emailing Student-Complaints@brunel.ac.uk. Formal investigation and consideration by the Students Complaints Officer will then take place.        

Concerns which are raised under the University’s Student Complaints Procedure over 3 months after the incident occurred, may be deemed to be out of time and not be dealt with under the Procedure.

If your complaint is about something that does not fall within the scope of the Student Living Complaints Procedure, you will be informed accordingly and your complaint may be referred to a different University procedure. You may also wish to contact the University Mediation Service if you feel it would be helpful to speak to an independent mediator about your complaint.

NOTE: At any stage of the complaint’s procedure and where appropriate, a complaint may be referred by the Head of Student Living or their representative to one of the University's impartial mediators.

You should refer to the full version of the Student complaints procedure before submitting your complaint.