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Raising a concern

Early Resolution: To help us address and resolve you concern at the earliest possible opportunity, please ensure you raise your concern via the correct platform.

Maintenance: If you need to report a maintenance problem please use the online reporting facility at Your report will be acknowledged by the Student Experience Team who will provide you with an update on any resolution and timeframes.

Flatmate Issues: If you have any disagreements or disputes with residents that you have not been able to resolve yourself in the first instance, or if you would like guidance on mediation, please contact our Community Liaison Officer so issues can be investigated thoroughly and resolved quickly and amicably.

You can contact the Community Liaison Officer on 01895 267900 or email

Student Experience: If you have a concern about any aspect of your experience living in residences or service provided by the Student Living team, you can raise this concern via:

Student Living Concourse Reception

ResLife Ambassadors

Community Liaison Office

You can also raise your concern via Brunel Help or by email to:

Remember: The earlier we know about your concern, the quicker we can take actions to resolve it and mitigate impact on your study, wellbeing and experience.

A Student Living representative will maintain contact with you to provide updates and advise when your concern has been resolved.

If you are unsatisfied with how your concern or issue has been resolved and you wish to make a complaint:

Complaint procedure  

If you wish to make a complaint regarding any aspect of your experience with Student Living, it will be processed in line with the Student Living Complaints Procedure. The Student Living Complaints Procedure is not intended to deal with initial maintenance requests. 

Stage 1: Your complaint will be acknowledged within 3 working days and you will be connected with a Student Living representative that may arrange to meet with you to gather more information. Depending on the content of your complaint it may be escalated to the Head of Student Living or their representative. In such circumstances you will receive a response within 5 working days. You will be advised by email if your complaint is escalated to the Head of Student Living or their representative.

NOTE: At any stage of the complaint’s procedure and where appropriate, a complaint may be referred by the Head of Student Living or their representative to one of the University's impartial mediators.  

You can submit a Stage 1 complaint by completing this form.

Stage 2: If you are dissatisfied with the outcome or action taken to resolve your concern, you may pursue a formal complaint through the Student Complaints Procedure. A copy of this procedure and how to submit a complaint can be found here


You can also get support from the Student Union Advice Service.

You may also wish to contact the University Mediation Service if you feel it would be helpful to speak to an independent mediator about your complaint.

The University is committed in providing you with the best possible service in line with the UUK Code of Practice. However, from time to time we may get our services wrong or you may feel unhappy with some part of our service. We aim to resolve any misunderstanding or compliant quickly and at local level.

A student who remains dissatisfied following completion of the University's internal formal review, appeal or complaint procedures may be able to apply for a review of their complaint to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA), providing that the complaint they take to the OIA is eligible under its Rules.