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Studio and one bedroom flats

Our studios / one bedroom flats are a great option for those who wish to live on campus with their partner while they study at Brunel.

We have 119 studios and one bedroom flats on campus which are available for full time students who are enrolled on their course for the whole academic year (your partner doesn't need to be a Brunel student). If applications do not meet the demand the studios/flats are also made availble for single applicants.

There is no family accommodation available. Students with children/dependants cannot live in the studios/ flats. 

2008 saw the completion of a spectacular new residential complex set in landscaped grounds at the west end of the campus. This provides 112 studio flats suitable for couples. One studio flat is also located in Mill Hall.

Studio flats have their own private kitchen and ensuite bathroom.

Studio flat locations

 North  Meadow  Michael Bevis
 Concourse  Stephen Bragg  West
 Maurice Kogan  David Neave  Central
 East  Runnymede  George Shipp
 Trevor Slater  Shoreditch  Syd Urry
 South  Brian Winstanely  Mill

Sample room floor plan


Studio room plan


Situated across various halls around campus there are 1 bedroom flats with a spacious living room, one double bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. These flats are fully furnished and offer comfortable accommodation for single applicants or students requesting to live with their partners.

One bedroom flats have their own private kitchen and bathroom.


One bedroom flat locations

Flat locations
 Mill Hall  Fleming Hall  Galbraith Hall
 Faraday Hall    

Sample room plan

Coming soon

Please read the Rents and contracts guide for more information.

To apply for session 2022/23:

To secure your accommodation you will need to:

    • Accept your Licence Agreement online before the deadline date stated in your allocation email;
    • Pay the accommodation deposit online £450 (studio flats).

Before accepting you should make sure you read, understand and agree to the terms of the Residence Regulations and the Licence Agreement as, together, they create legally binding obligations. The Licence Agreement and the Residence Regulations are governed by English Law which international students may find quite different to the law that applies in their own country. Take advice before signing if you feel you need it.


This must be submitted by the deadline date

Your partner is  required to confirm to the Allocations team that s/he is aware that their details have been placed on the Studio/Flat application. Your partner can confirm this by email to the Allocations team.

Priority is given to students who are in a co-habiting couple and have supplied the partner confirmation documentation to the Allocations team. Offers will be made on a first come first served basis from 27 April 2022 and will continue until the studios/ flats are fully booked. Single applicants are also invited to apply however offers of accommodation are subject to availability and will be considered after all couples have been allocated.

Once the studios/ flats are fully booked students will be able to add their details to the waiting list. A proportion of the studios/ flats will be reserved for first year student’s joining the University in September 2022.

Offers of accommodation, formal or otherwise, are provisional and subject to the clearance of all money owing to the University up to and including the end of the Summer Vacation.