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Summer Lets

Applications for summer 2024 campus accommodation are open

Brunel students: Please use to apply

Pre-sessional English:  Please use to apply

For current residents our summer period starts from Monday 3 June 2024 to 9.30am on Monday 2 September 2024.

Please note: if your current room is required for Conference use over the summer you may be moved to a temporary room while your new room is made clean and ready for you.

For those currently living off-campus, our summer period starts from Monday 10 June 2024 to 9.30am on Monday 2 September 2024.

A minimum booking of one week is required and you must book for the full duration you require for the summer when applying. If you do not book the whole period of accommodation required, further bookings will not be guaranteed for your continuous stay in the same room, or that we will have availability when you make a future application.

Please be advised all room offers are subject to availability. Ware able to offer a very limited number of rooms to Brunel students as some Halls of Residence are not available this summer due to redecoration and conference bookings. We will be prioritising those students who will be studying during the summer period. 

Accommodation on campus during the summer is very popular; please ensure you apply and make the full payment as soon as possible. We advise to check your eVision My Money account as students who have outstanding accommodation charges will not be allocated until this is paid.

Please note:

  • Students who have a postgraduate length contract until 9.30am on Monday 2 September 2024 do not need to apply for the summer period.
  • If your current room is required for Conference use over the summer you may be moved to a temporary room while your new room is made clean and ready for you.
  • If you want to apply for a studio room, please contact the Allocations Team regarding availability:

Terms and Conditions


  • Offers of accommodation are subject to availability and the clearance of ALL outstanding accommodation related charges owed to the University.
  • Your Licence Agreement must be carefully read and accepted online or signed and returned to the Allocations Team by the deadline provided.
  • There is a minimum booking period of one week for each booking.
  • You can only make one booking request for the period, so please ensure you have requested your booking for the maximum time you intend to stay. We cannot guarantee availability for extensions once your booking has been confirmed.
  • Students currently residing on-campus must be available from 3 June to 14 June 2024 in case you are required to move to a different room for the summer period.
  • Brunel students wishing to return to stay on campus for summer graduation must have been fully enrolled during that academic session.
  • If you currently live off-campus, the first day of your requested booking cannot be before 10 June 2024.
  • Summer accommodation is not available beyond 09:30am on Monday 2 September 2024 unless you hold a further accommodation booking for 2024/25 session.


  • The full payment will be required in advance if your application is successful and will need to be paid by the deadline stated in your room offer email.
  • Students whose summer accommodation fees are being paid by Departmental Transfer will be required to make the payment in full at the time of room offer. The fees are non-refundable in any circumstances.

Refunds, Cancelling or Vacating Early:

  • Your first week's accommodation fee is non-refundable, unless written notice is given to at least seven days before the start of your Licence Agreement.
  • You may vacate early with one week notice and you will be refunded for any additional nights you have paid (expect for payments by Departmental Transfer. You can contact the Student Centre to check the balance on your account.).
  • To request a refund after you have moved out please contact the Allocations Team by email to The minimum stay/charge of one week applies to each booking.

What happens after I submit my application?

  • The Allocations Team will contact you confirm if your request has been approved or not.
  • If your request is approved, you will be given details on how to complete your payment.
  • Payment in full must be received in order to confirm your booking.
  • Your Licence Agreement will be sent to you on receipt of payment – please ensure this is reviewed and accepted before the deadline.

If you currently live on-campus:

  • Your current Service Delivery and Compliance Manager or a representative from the Student Experience Team will inform you when your new room is ready.
  • You will be asked to transfer your belongings as soon as possible to your new room and the keys for your previous room will have to be returned by 9:30am next day or as early as agreed by the Service Delivery and Compliance Manager. 
  • If you have a confirmed booking for a room for the summer period, please ensure you have packed all your belongings early in readiness for the move.
  • If your room is required for conference use over the summer you may be moved to a temporary room while your new room is made clean and ready for you.

Campus facilities and transport

Brunel is located close to Heathrow Airport/Stockley Park and is a 20 minute walk from Uxbridge town centre/underground station. It's convenient for anyone working in the local area or travelling into London. Buses run into the centre of Uxbridge from the campus gates. You'll find a library, Sports Centre, bars, shops, coffee shops and launderettes on campus.

Travelling from overseas

The UK government is advising all travellers to familiarise themselves with the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) arrival information: travel to England from the another country the UK guidance: 

Term-time and summer vacation for non-student guests

Although we cannot accommodate you on campus due to demand from students, Brunel Commercial Services have a few rooms on campus, chargeable at conference rates.