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Professional concert: Zer0classikal 'ONE'

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Mithila Sarma, veena, Shyla Shanmugalingam, veena, Pradeepa Sivasanthiran, veena & Abhiram Sahathevan,  miruthangam/kanjira

 Zer0classikal presents ONE by Mithila Sarma - contemporary British Asian classical music

The veena is a South Indian stringed lute and one of the oldest instruments within South Asian music. Each individual veena is known to have its own tonal quality, style and timbre.

In ONE, Mithila Sarma experiments with an ensemble of vainikas exploring and pushing the limits of the instrument’s unique bass tones, multi-octave sounds and rich gamakas (ornamented notes) in a programme of brand new work.

ONE is the latest work from zerOclassikal, a project that explores radical approaches to South Asian classical music, as well as providing a platform for the next generation of British South Asian classical talent.


Venue: Antonin Artuad theatre
Tickets: £8 full price £5 concessions. (Free for student members and friends of Brunel Arts.)

Tickets available at or via Brunel Arts