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Football at Brunel

To celebrate the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup here are some footballing photos from the Brunel University London Archives. Unfortunately, as sometimes the case, women’s football does not make an appearance until well into the 20th century.  

Our most recent photo of women’s footballers in the archives is the 2017-2018 women’s football team.

 Women's Football 2017-2018                      


In the 1990s, Brunel University had an active women’s football team that had its own stall at the Freshers’ Fair, allowing women’s football to be promoted and women to come together and play the sport they love. 


1998 Freshers Fair ladies football cropped


Going back in history, the University’s relationship with football stretches back to its predecessor college, Borough Road College. In 1890 Borough Road College moved from Southwark to the (then) semi-rural Isleworth, and gained large playing fields. The opening up of the grounds gave the students a chance to play all sorts of sports. The earliest official football photo in the archives dates to 1898.

BRC Football 1898 cropped


This unofficial photo from 1892 is one of our favourites. It is found in the common place book of Luther C Dudley, who was a student at Borough Road College. In the photo is Sanan Devahastin na Ayudhya (also known as Chaophraya Thammasakmontri), who went on to become the first President of the National Assembly in Thailand. 

BFSS. Commonplace book Luther C Dudley 1892-1894_Page_4


War and rationing does not seem to have diminished Borough Road College’s love of football. The archives holds football photos from the college through to 1945.

BRC Football 1945 cropped


The Archive also holds a photo of the spectators of a match in 1950.

BRC Football match May 1950 Hounslow Barracks cropped

[Temp ref: ACC2009/1]

It appears to be cold, but the spectators don’t seem to mind and are thoroughly enjoying themselves.

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