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Our Buildings

Our Buildings

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Have you ever walked past a building on campus and wondered why it has that name?  Some of the names are quite famous, such as Mary Seacole, but who was Brian Winstanley, or Maurice Kogan?  How many of the buildings are named after women? Well, read on! 

At the time of writing, March 2022, Brunel University London has:

5 buildings named after women.  This is 5 out of 63 buildings, or 8%. 

29 buildings named after men (46%). 

29 buildings which are not named after people (46%). 

Many of the buildings are named after people instrumental in Brunel’s foundation or recent history.  Others are named after aspirational people not directly associated with the university. 

Further information on all of these buildings is available in the university’s archives:

Brunel University London Archives | Brunel University London


Named after women

(5 out 63 buildings, 8%)

Named after men

(29 out of 63 buildings, 46%)


(29 out of 63, 46%)


Sheila Bannerman retired from her job as Director of Services September 2004. 

Antonin Artaud

Writer and theatre director

Advanced Metal Casting Centre

Maria Grey Hall

named after Maria Grey, involved in foundation of Maria Grey College, Brunel’s former Twickenham campus


Steven Bragg, former Vice Chancellor

Arts Centre

Marie Jahoda

First Head of Brunel’s Psychology Dept, est 1962.


James Chadwick (1891-1974), awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1935 for his discovery of the particle in the nucleus of an atom known as the neutron. No connection with Brunel University London.

Brunel Science Park

Mary Seacole

No actual connection with Brunel

Elliot Jacques

Professor, created the School of Social Sciences at Brunel University London in 1964

Eastern Gateway


Elizabeth Gaskell (1810-1865). Author.  No connection with Brunel


Chair of Brunel Council 1980 – 1984, instrumental in the establishment of the Brunel Science Park

Indoor Athletics Centre



Eric Hamilton,

Principal of Borough Road College 1932 - 1961

Lecture Centre


Heinz Wolff

Founded the Brunel Institute for Bioengineering, in 1983, its Director until 1995.

Medical Centre



Robin Howell.  Joined the staff of Brunel College in 1958 as Head of Electronics. Appointed Professor and Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering & Electronics in 1964.

Meeting House


Joseph Lowe

Owner of the plant nursery where campus now stands.

Quad North


Lancaster Suite

Named after Joseph Lancaster, founder of Borough Road College, c. 1804. 

Sports Centre


Michael Sterling

Former Vice Chancellor


Tower A, B, C, D



Peter Russell, appointed lecturer in Mathematics in 1966 responsible for setting up the merger with Shoreditch College (later renamed the Runnymede Campus) in the late 1970s.  Director of Brunel's Science Park, 1986 - 2002.


Named after an IK Brunel bridge


Brian Winstanley Hall

Former Secretary General

Chepstow Hall


Wilfred Brown

First Pro-Chancellor

Saltash Hall


Wolfson Centre

Named after Sir Isaac Wolfson’s Wolfson Foundation.

Gordon Hall

Name inherited from Twickenham campus, dates back to 19th C, currently uncertain to whom Gordon refers)


Bishop Hall

Richard Bishop, former Vice-Chancellor

Stockwell Hall

Named after Stockwell College, a BFSS College)


Kilmorey Hall

Earl of Kilmorey, historically associated with the site of the former Twickenham campus

Southwark Hall

Named after original location of Borough Road College.


Lacey Hall

Name inherited from Lacey House, Twickenham campus, named after James Lacey.

Borough Road Hall

Named after Borough Road College



Michael Faraday, Scientist.  No connection with Brunel University London.

North Hall


Mill Hall

John Stuart Mill, philosopher

Meadow Hall


Fleming Hall

Alexander Fleming, Microbiologist.  No connection with Brunel University London.

Concourse Hall


Galbraith Hall

William Galbraith, 19th century civil engineer

West Hall


Michael Bevis Hall

Former professor, Materials Engineering

Central Hall


Stephen Bragg Hall

Former Vice Chancellor

East Hall


Maurice Kogan Hall

Former professor, Government and Social Administration

Runnymede Hall

Named after former campus


David Neave Hall

Former Secretary General and Registrar

Shoreditch Hall

Named after Shoreditch College


George Shipp Hall

Mechanical Engineer, former Vice-Principal

South Hall


Trevor Slater Hall

Professor of BioChemistry, Vice-Principal

St Margaret’s Hall

Named after an area of Twickenham


Syd Urry Hall

Former Professor, Building Technology

St John’s

Name predates building of campus, was a hospital building

 Lecture Centre 1_7091                                                        Eastern Gateway building May_7458