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Brunel University ISBN

What is an ISBN?

An ISBN is an International Standard Book Number with each comprising of 13 characters which uniquely identifies a publication.

The following products qualify for an ISBN:

  • Monographic works (boooks) that are textual and/or have an instructional content.
  • Electronic  or digital resources such as DVDs, e-Books and such other e-Publications with textual and/or instructional content i.e. not purely for entertainment.
  • Journals punlished no more frequently than once a year.

How do I get an ISBN?

Brunel University London is registered as a publisher with the ISBN Agency with an allocation of a block of ISBNs for use by University members. If you wish to apply for one of these numbers for your publications, then please contact:


T:   01895 266141

Legal Deposit obligations for publications with Brunel University London ISBNs

Hard copies:

If a hard copy will be printed instead of, or in addition to an electronic copy, a requester is obliged to deposit or send one hard copy when published to:

Legal Deposit Office (Monographs)

The British Library

Boston Spa


LS23 7BY

Deposit with Brunel University London, Library

A copy of the publication should be deposited in the Library as part of the Brunel Collection. Once a publication has a Brunel ISBN it is traceable back to brunel and it is implicit, although not a legal requirement, that Brunel will supply the publication or details of where to get it on request. Deposit can be  made to address as below:

Library (ISBN)

Brunel University London

Kingston Lane



The publication should also be depositied in BRAD and in BURA in addition to any other modes of distribution as part of Brunel collection.

Digital Copies:

Digital copies only should be emailed to upon publication. The electronic copy is then forwarded as an email attachment to the British Library’s Digital Deposit Team at: (books) (serials) (newspapers)

Please contact for more information.