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Library Mobile App

A statement about our mobile app

Due to unforeseen contractual issues between our supplier and the third party vendor that hosts the Brunel Library app, the app is no longer supported by the vendor and has been disabled indefinitely. You may still have the app on your device and be able to open it, but information may be incorrect and functionality may be broken. Please remove this app from your device.

We will be investigating alternative app solutions but, due to the sudden nature of this outage, we are not immediately able to offer an alternative. In the meantime, we will be taking steps to make our Library catalogue mobile responsive.

Please know that we had no way of anticipating this disappointing development. Brunel Library staff have worked tirelessly configuring and improving the functionality available to you though this app, whilst also advocating for its use. We know that it has been popular with many of you and we hope to be able to provide you with a new product in the future.

Brunel Library